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The Toy Story films have long been mainstays of children’s entertainment. After all, these movies center on kids’ relationships to their toys, so what else could we expect? Yet Pixar is well-known for throwing in raunchy easter eggs and weaving in mature themes for its more adult audiences, a topic we’ve explored before . The latest film, out in theatres now, has kept this trend going. Part of the reason why it has so quickly become a critical and box-office hit might be because it has done so well to grow up alongside the now adult fans of its earliest film, released 23 years ago, without ever sacrificing its child-centred message.

Alongside a cast of newcomers, Toy Story 4 continues to follow the misadventures of its mainstay characters, including Woody, Buzz and Jesse, as they try to hold onto Forky, a makeshift toy built from a spork and Kindergarten craft supplies, who is bent on his desire to escape back to the trash, insisting that he is not a real toy. While the film remains kid-centric, it also deals with some of the most mature themes of any Toy Story film, and includes countless moments meant to titillate the adult audiences who grew up with the franchise. From raunchy allusions to love and drugs to more tame references to its earlier films that only grown-up fans are bound to catch onto, Toy Story 4 continues to wink at adult moviegoers without letting the kids know. Join ScreenRant as we take a closer look at the latest of these classic kid’s films for the moments only adults are sure to notice.

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