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Opening in theaters June 8th

Directed by: Silas Howard
Starring: Claire Danes, Jim Parsons, Octavia Spencer, Priyanka Chopra, Amy Landecker & Ann Dowd

Brooklyn parents Alex (Claire Danes) and Greg (Jim Parsons) are lucky to have a kid like Jake. Their four-year-old is bright, precocious, creative—and just happens to prefer Disney princesses to toy cars and skirts to jeans. Jake’s “gender expansive” behavior—as local preschool director Judy (Octavia Spencer) dubs it—is no big deal to Alex and Greg. Or so it seems, until the process of navigating New York City’s hyper-competitive private school system opens up a parental quagmire: could Jake’s gender nonconformity be just the thing that gives their child an edge in the admissions game? How young is too young to put a label on a child’s identity? Is this just a phase, or is Jake truly transgender? Split in their opinions on how to handle the situation, Alex and Greg find themselves navigating an emotional and ethical minefield with one patch of common ground between them: their fierce desire to do what’s right for Jake. Transparent director Silas Howard helms this timely, honest, emotionally rich look at 21st-century parenting.

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I think he wants you Jade's very special he's always like doing things his own way where are you guys playing oh boy you know if we could afford it there's a private song even what I want for Jake I know we've always said we're not those parents but afgan afford to be the numbers are ridiculous so you have to remember everybody wants diversity well I'm gonna talk a little about his gender expansive play you want him to be somewhere he can thrive right you really don't think it's weird he does like to play dress-up that's not news yeah he likes fairy tales but maybe that's not the most critical thing worth mentioning he asked why boys can't wear skirts I don't want to send him off to kindergarten labeled he's only four what if he starts thinking there's something wrong with him let go right in a few weeks we'll visit some new schools and you should just be yourself and that's all that matters okay there's no big deal at all is a constant friend I'd like to show you something there were one or two incidents in class and love is a handy kindergarten it's so hard for a child you know which is why there's nothing I do to have some choices to make here maybe we should bring in to see something maybe the problem is that we started pushing him into this role you're the one buying him every princess DVD you can get your hands on and this freaking out when people start to notice is it any wonder he's confused we try so hard to protect them but it's never gonna be easy to really see people especially like the ones we love is for one two three