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Hey Happy Readers!! Welcome to our Children’s Books Read Aloud! In this video we present one of our Valentines Books for Kids, Amelia Bedelia First Valentine book read aloud by Beth with Happy Cultivated. This is a great Valentine’s Day Book!

Today’s Valentine Book: Amelia Bedelia’s First Valentine is written by Herman Parish and illustrated by Lynne Avril.

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In the Valentine’s Day Children’s Book, Amelia Bedelia First Valentine,
it’s Valentine’s Day in young Amelia Bedelia’s classroom. And you know Amelia Bedelia—she wears her heart on her sleeve.

School is always exciting for Amelia Bedelia, and getting her first Valentine’s Day card may be the most exciting surprise of all. But what will she do when she forgets her valentines for her classmates on the bus? Luckily, Amelia Bedelia is resourceful, and she doesn’t break any hearts.

A lovely book for Valentine’s Day—or any day—Amelia Bedelia’s First Valentine will have you making room in your hearts for this charmingly literal little girl. Amelia Bedelia First Valentine is a great addition to Valentines Books for Kids!!

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hey happy readers welcome to children's books read aloud by happy cultivated Amelia Bedelia z– first Valentine by Herman parish pictures by Lynn Avril click that subscribe button for more children's books Amelia Bedelia saw hearts everywhere she spied them in the sky spotted them at the park and even found them on her french fries she was surrounded by love mom where are you Amelia Bedelia yelled when she got home from school I'm in the living room Amelia Bedelia z– mother was playing cards with her friends Amelia Bedelia loved to play cards too she peeked over her mom's shoulder hearts a whole handful of hearts Wow Amelia Bedelia said look at all those Valentines her mother's friends laughed Amelia Bedelia said her mother don't tell them what I'm holding you're holding cards mom said Amelia Bedelia anyone can see that Amelia Bedelia 'he's mother handed her a brand new deck of cards here a present for you now skedaddle your snack is in the kitchen cupcake Amelia Bedelia couldn't find any cupcakes in the kitchen just a plate of brownies she grabbed one and sat down at the table she put her new deck of cards in her knapsack she liked them but she didn't really need them she already had a bunch of cards to finish before the Valentine's Day party at her school tomorrow Amelia Bedelia steer miss Edwards had made cards for everyone to decorate at home Amelia Bedelia got right to work many of the cards confused her so she did her best to fix them she put a bandage across the broken heart tossed penis into the envelope with the squirrel warmed this card up gave the Sealy kiss and was about to drizzle honey on a bee when her father came in through the back door hey daddy she said did you know that tomorrow is Valentine's Day Amelia Bedelia father kissed her on the top of her head so your mother has reminded me every day this week he said with a chuckle tell me something I don't know Amelia Bedelia thought for a second then said teddy lost a tooth at recess her dad smiled teddy is lucky he said he'll get a visit from the Tooth Fairy tonight and a visit from Cupid tomorrow who is Cupid Amelia Bedelia Cupid is a little baby with wings said Amelia Bedelia father he flies around on Valentine's Day and shoots arrows at people when they least expect it if his arrow hits you then you'll fall in love with the next person you see what yield Amelia Bedelia don't tease me daddy babies don't have wings it's a myth not a joke said Amelia Bedelia spa thurr now what should I get for Mom candy flowers jewelry yes said Amelia Bedelia z– mother I'd like all of the above Amelia Bedelia looked up all she saw above was the light on the ceiling why would her mother want that for Valentine's Day that night Amelia Bedelia had the most amazing dream cupid's hearts and candy kisses swirled around her I am nuts for you squeaked a giant chocolate squirrel fuzzy sugar bees floated through the air when Amelia Bedelia woke up the next morning she was still a bit sleepy and she was late she jumped into her clothes wolfed down her breakfast blew her parents a kiss and raced for the bus quick as a whistle come on slowpoke the bus driver called you're holding us up that's impossible Amelia Bedelia said I'm not strong enough she climbed on board and tucked to these special Valentine's Day cards under her seat so they wouldn't get crunched the Valentine's Day party started right after lunch there were decorations and games and tons of treats there was a giant cake baked in the shape of a heart and an enormous bowl of fizzy pink punch can I have a little punch please asked clay Amelia Bedelia gave him a little punch on his arm ow yelled clay the other kids laughed Amelia Bedelia did not she was too busy keeping an eye out for Cupid and his arrow at last it was time to exchange Valentine's Day cards that's when Amelia Bedelia remembered what she had forgotten her cards were still on the bus Amelia Bedelia was miserable Amelia Bedelia you are wearing your heart on your sleeve said Miss Edwards what's the trouble Amelia Bedelia looked at both of her sleeves she saw stripes but no hearts I don't have cards for my friends she said I left them on the bus she put her head down on her desk she started to cry the whole class gathered around Amelia Bedelia here's what we'll do to make everyone feel better said miss Edwards petting Amelia Bedelia on the shoulder let's get busy everyone please pick an activity you can make your own heart box play pin the heart on the skeleton or I can show you a card game called hearts I have an idea shout at Amelia Bedelia she looked at Miss Edwards and smiled she wiped her eyes she opened the deck of cards her mother had given her she took out her markers it's okay announced Amelia Bedelia a few minutes later I've got Valentines for everyone later that afternoon Amelia Bedelia found her Valentines on the bus right where she had forgotten them she was thrilled she leapt off the bus and zoomed down the sidewalk she helped the heart box she had made at the party up to the sky and twirled around and around and around and thunk bullseye yield a boy as he jumped out of the bushes the boy was Jeremy and he lived on her Street she'd known him since she was a baby I'm not a bull Jeremy she said and this is not an eye you could have broken my heart I don't want to break your heart Amelia Bedelia said Jeremy Amelia Bedelia didn't believe him cross my heart he said as he really crossed it was school fun today my mom made me stay home because I was sick this morning you missed Valentine's Day esta Melia Bedelia now she felt sorry for Jeremy so sorry that she decided to give him all of her special cards here happy Valentine's Day she said thanks he said walking away he turned and blew her a kiss Amelia Bedelia made a face she sure didn't love him but there was no reason not to like him when Amelia Bedelia father got home Amelia Bedelia and her mother gave him a box of chocolates he presented a bouquet of flowers to Amelia Bedelia 'he's mother and a bracelet to Amelia Bedelia the bracelet sparkled and a tiny pink heart dangled from it thank you daddy said Amelia Bedelia now I can wear my heart on my wrist instead of my sleeve hug time shadowed Amelia Bedelia z– father double hug time shouted Amelia Bedelia z– mother triple hug time shot at a million but Illya it was the greatest family hug ever and Amelia Bedelia wish they could stay just like that until next Valentine's Day thanks for reading with happy cultivated please like this video and subscribe to our channel click the bell next to the subscribe button to be notified when we post new books thanks for watching happy reading