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Find out more about our collaboration with Cambridge University Press and NRICH to develop the Cambridge Primary Maths curriculum, and see how some UK schools are teaching maths in the classroom.

all over the world we are reminded about the importance of maths in our everyday lives it's all around us in the form of numbers shapes patterns and problem-solving mathematics if you think about it is a way of seeing the world and it's really important that children start their mathematical journey by understanding that rather than thinking that it's about learning their tables it's actually about a lens to see the world developing numeracy skills and building confidence with maths starts in the classroom cambridge henry maths is a unique course because it brings together the university's expertise and it maps a whole series of resources onto a very very extensive international primary curriculum and all of the activities on the enrich website are linked to the printed activities from Cambridge University Press which are linked to the curriculum from Cambridge International examinations Cambridge primary maths is an innovative teaching package that combines online and print resources we use in the classroom one of the things about being based in universities that research is very important to us and so we've used the research that we know from international research projects to inform what happens in Cambridge primary mathematics when the game of the game is to be the password so when I filled in all of my digits is closest to 100 teachers can explore the Cambridge primary curriculum using the website once logged in you can find activities and resources to support your teaching making lesson planning easy and bringing maths to life in the classroom its usual to divide any curriculum up into different areas and in Cambridge primary maths we have number we have geometry we have measure we have data handling but the most important thing about Cambridge primary maths is that is underpinned by problem-solving mathematics is all about problem solving and so in Cambridge primary maths problem solving is embedded throughout those four areas problem-solving is really important in maths in terms of encouraging children to start to explain to generalize to reason to justify all of those higher-order thinking skills which obviously go across the curriculum can be really enhanced in maths learning and we do a lot of teaching from a kind of problem-solving angle and it does really benefit the children because it's thinking about is the thinking about thinking something was like really hard and then when you did it was like yes I did it and then it was challenging which makes it like really like good it's fun and to add the books are written specifically for the primary Cambridge curriculum and so we work closely with that well the aim of the series is to support teachers to help learners become confident and competent mathematicians when we were thinking about the design of the books we decided as a team to have games that all students at whatever level could play to help reinforce the mathematics the Cambridge curriculum is dedicated to helping schools develop the learners who are confident responsible reflective innovative and engaged feel rich primary maths is designed to nurture these attributes in learners the domino multiplication task was from the CVP scheme and that's a really nice activity because it's it's doing what we wanted it to do which is turn rote practice into a game there was much more motivation but we all we're very very very keen on the enriched materials in this school too because they're always rich tasks there's always lots of possibilities there's always lots of directions you can go Cambridge primary maths gives an opportunity to explore a curriculum that is international in context stimulating to teach em rich in substance for learners what we want for the next generation of children is for them to be inspired by mathematics we need mathematicians for the future and so we want a curriculum which offers them an opportunity to understand and to apply their mathematics as well as feel that they're going to be fluent in all those things that we know are really important to find out more and register for updates contact us