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It’s that time of year again! Time to get ready for Back to School and today I thought I’d show you all some quick, easy and also for the most part, healthy school lunch box ideas for kids! My son is 10 and my twin girls are 6 and all three have different tastes in what they like to eat. Also, stick around until the end for an unboxing of a fun snack box that was sent to me from Munchpak! If you’re interested in this box, here is a link to their website:


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if I'm gone my witness like it will be my favorite okay so this is Fallon's lunch for today so hers is a little bit different than Presley's they have totally different tastes there's a few things that they like but a lot of the time I have to make them pretty different lunches so you'll see presses is a little bit different so over here these are plantain chips Presley Presley pretty much eats any kind of fruit you give her and found a little pickier but she does like these little plantain chips little banana chips that I get at Brookshire's and she also likes pineapple and watermelon so I packed her some pineapple and watermelon and everybody in the house loves these little heart-shaped crackers so on this side it's D salt pretzel and then on the other side it's cracker and the kids really love it so this is a brand it's called town house pretzel flip sides then sea salt I get them at Walmart and the kids love them so she'll have those little crackers and she she likes to put her cheese on top of the crackers Fallon loves hard-boiled eggs Presley does not so you'll never see an egg inside of Presley's lunch so when I pull the eggs out of the boiling water what I normally do is I put ice water around the eggs I'll let them sit for about five minutes and then the outside shell just peels off so easily like this is the way I finally figured out over so many years this has been the the best way for me to be able to pull the outside shell off without any problem okay so now that the egg has been sitting in the water for about five minutes the ice water it's really easy to get the the outside shell off and it doesn't stick to it and yeah that's just the best method I've come up with so I just kind of go around like that then decide and I start at the very end and then it comes off super easy like that lunch Braxton loves them too so I packed her a hard-boiled egg and then she also has them blueberry muffins some little mini muffins I believe the brand is little bite and then as her treat she had some fruit snacks about once a week I'll put fruit snacks in here I like to switch it out from time to time so this is Fallon's lunch for today and this is Presley's she has a sandwich that I cut out into a little shape of I don't know if that's a snowflake or what exactly that is but I cut that out using a cookie cutter she also has them plantain chips strawberries and grapes I also got her some little blueberry mini muffins and then as her treat it's yogurt covered raisins so that is Presley's okay so let's check and see how Fallon did today at lunch okay so this isn't a bad it looks like I'm trying remember what all she had in here she ate her cheese her crackers her pineapple watermelon let's see what did she have there I don't even remember what that was whatever was here I don't even remember it looks like she ate her eggs she never eats the yolk she always leaves that in here but it looks like she wasn't a fan of the plantain chips today but that's okay oh yeah I'm proud she did really good let's see how Presley did all right so she did good too it looks like for whatever reason she didn't eat this little piece of her sandwich but that's okay looks like she wasn't a fan of the plantain chips either she had a little bit of her yogurt raisins but she ate most of her sandwich all of her fruit her straw she loves fruit so that's one thing I know she's always gonna eat her fruit first strawberries great oh that's right the muffin so she ate all of her muffins so yeah so overall yeah she she ain't pretty good so now's the time to take these out and clean them out so they don't get sticky okay so this is Braxton's lunch for today and I put it in this little Systema box and I plan on getting one more for him like like the blue color because I was trying to color code they'd have a pink one a purple one but this will do for today so this is what I pack for him today this is some little quesadillas over here since Argento cheese Haeju mash them raspberries and blackberries he loves these two hard-boiled eggs cut him some cucumber underneath there who loves cucumber so on this side he has them yogurt covered raisins and then lastly for his treat this came from a munch pack so if you want to hang tight to the very end of this video I'm gonna open up I kind of unboxed the monthly munch pack that we got this this month and it's a subscription box where they send you snacks every month and this one is hazelnut feeling so it's kind of like a chocolate feeling and this is a fluffy and crunchy pastry filled cocoa coconut or cocoa hazelnut cream and all the snacks are from the United Kingdom which is really cool because we live here in the United States and I thought this was really neat because it's a different kind of snack is that the kids would like to try so I'm gonna put this in Braxton's box he'll enjoy that so yeah definitely hang tight at the very end of the video where I go through the entire much-much pack box full of snacks and things and if it's something that you would like I'll have a link down below and you could get your own monthly munch pack okay so let's check out and see what's left of braxton okay so he did really good he has a really good appetite and it looks like he did meet his cheese or his yogurt raisins um he's a big fruit eater and he really likes the raspberries and the blackberries and he ate all of his cucumber some proud of that and his eggs so yeah good job Braxton okay so this is Presley's meal for today and we went with a thermos meal so this has the leftover chicken alfredo that we had for dinner last night she absolutely love that all the kids actually do so so what I did is after I bowled the eggs for felon and Braxton's meal I took the bold water and poured it in into the thermoses and let it sit wop mama made all of the other lunches and breakfasts this morning and then I poured that water out and then put this chicken alfredo in here and so that will stay nice and warm till lunchtime so it won't be cold or anything like that so in this little container I'm using the jiff power-ups creamy clusters granola with peanut butter centers inside so inside it has peanut butter and so that's good protein that she needs and she really likes these then inside of this container it just has some little mini pretzels and then you all know there's my big fruity eater so I make sure to give her a lot of fruit and this is one of those sistema containers that I like so much and here on the top I have grapes and cantaloupe then melon watermelon and then underneath I have let's see what I owe ya Apple and I just realized I need to get her for also have her a little fork in here so she can eat that also have her a little fork I'm gonna pit right there on the side and I'm gonna fold up a little napkin and put that in the here symma pista ice pack at the very top of her lunch box I have not gotten her new lunchbox in so I'm using hers from last week but this is where I put the ice pack so it just kind of closes like that so that's press please and now for Fallon so I got these on Amazon and I'll leave the link down below where I got them but these are highly requested from the kids they really like using them do I always do this no I only I only make these little fun shapes if I get a chance to do this so if you're if you're not making fun shapes and you're cheese I only do this every once in a while okay and so this is what fallon is gonna eat today for lunch in her thermos she also has the chicken alfredo she loves it so in here I just have a fruit medley of mandarin oranges watermelon and grapes and then below here she's my big cheese eater she loves crackers and cheese that's one of her favorite things so I cut up some cheese and some fun shapes on this side and then on this side it's different let me see where okay on this side I'm using sociable so it looks like this and there's six different shapes and she likes CDs with her cheese she's not picky she's Lud's crackers and cheese and so her treat is these two little lemon cookies that I got from the munch pack and again I'll be showing you the lunch pack at the very end of this video but this is what the package looks like so it's gold pineapple cookies crunchy and sweet pineapple flavored cookies from the munch pack and again this is a monthly this is a monthly snack pack from the United Kingdom that's sent here to the United States and stick around to the end and I'll show you everything that came in my munch pack so this is everything in Fallon's milk for today okay so today I'm going to start off with Braxton's lunch and I know what you're probably thinking that this looks really really healthy and can get a child really eat this at school and yes braxton really does love broccoli and mushrooms he really does eat healthy foods I mean he actually eats better than me like I don't even like broccoli and myself and I'm not a big fan of mushrooms but he does so um so I know he's gonna actually be really excited to get a lunch like this because usually when I give him broccoli it's never enough he can eat like a whole package of broccoli but he's gonna have today I got his side of broccoli over here and then over here we got him some mushrooms he's a big mushroom now if I said broccoli or mushroom than the girls lunchbox they would literally throw it in the trash they are not they so far do not like broccoli or mushrooms but we'll see as they get a little bit older again Braxton's 10 years old going into fifth grade he's also a huge huge cherry eater he loves to eat cherries so he's gonna I'm sure he'll eat all of those then over here I just haven't said summer sausage then Sargento cheese a pickle and a big fruit medley below that he's he loves fruit he loves all kinds of friend recently he asked me to get some blackberries and raspberries because I used to just give them like grapes and strawberries and pineapples and melons and things like that but last week he told me to for sure pack him some raspberries and blackberries yeah so this is what he's gonna eat today and I have a feeling he'll probably eat all of it except for he may leave some of the sauces okay so next step we have Stalin's lunch box and you can see here she's out of some stickers recently to her lunch box we purchased something at justice about a month ago and these stickers came along with it and so that's what these came from and then she's stuck and she put she put a little dolphin on Presley's for her okay okay so this is balance for today we'll see if she eats tomatoes I don't know it's kind of like a new thing for her to eat tomatoes braxton sometimes we eat tomatoes she absolutely loves carrots so initially the carrot tomatoes we'll see she loves applesauce I just wanted to say real quick to save money I always make sure to buy the large container of applesauce instead of the small containers when I'm making lunches because you're just gonna save money and now Presley doesn't like applesauce but Alan does so I just buy this large applesauce and this is actually cinnamon Brexton like the cinnamon flavor as well so I'm just gonna scoop this and put it into this little fruit container here in Fallon's lunch Pat's butt substitute something else and Presley since she's not a fan of applesauce and this is some vanilla yogurt and cashews here and these she's never had before so we'll see if she likes them this came from the munch pack and it's these right here and see if it focuses roast could I can't even pronounce that I don't know but these are a little cheese snacks and it says it's actually real cheese and it's baked not fried no preservatives so yeah we'll see we'll see if she likes those and then this is a lemon bar it's a Laura bar so so this is non-gmo it's gluten-free dairy-free soy-free it's really good for her and so that's what she's gonna have for her treat here's Presley's so for Presley she had tomatoes and carrots as well she loves carrots and and then she also has these look this little cheese snack over here cashews got her some snap peas this is little turkey wraps that I just stuck these little pixie in and oh it's if you're wondering about any of the boxes or the pics or anything like that I'll have links down below to all of the different lunchboxes and accessories and things that I use I have a video that came out the other day where I compare all of the bento boxes and show you guys all of the accessories that I use so if that interests you I'll leave a link down below if you want to go check that out so but these are little turkey wraps and then I just add these in here just for fun I had them last year and these are the last three I have left so just to kind of make lunchtime fun okay so this is Brockton's the and we're gonna check out and see how much he ate okay so he did eat the cheese I know I was wondering if he was gonna eat the cheese and looks like he ate a couple of pieces of his salami left – and he ate most of his fruit he just left two grapes and three pineapple and he ate some of the cherries and what was in here I'm trying to remember Oh mushrooms he ate all the mushrooms and just some of the broccoli and he'd tell me why he only ate a little bit of the broccoli he said he really liked steamed broccoli and he went ahead and ate some of this liver all he did really good so let's see how much the girls they let me get away okay so let's check it out and see how much Presley ate he did good I'm trying to think what all she had in here she had tomatoes what did she have next to it she ate all of her cashews she ate all of her turkey meat looks like she took a little bite of her snap peas she ate her Laura boar her lemon Larabar she told me she loved it trying to think I cannot I cannot remember what was right here what was next about carrots yes so she ate her carrot and looks like she ate one of these and that's about it so okay and lastly we're gonna see how much thousand eight let's check it out okay so looks like she ate all of her yogurt some of her applesauce all of her cashews maybe one tomato or so could be a couple of these and then just a little bite of her Laura bar okay so that's all the lunches I'm gonna do for this particular video I this is already kind of a long video I have the munch pack opening next wanna see that stick around if you could please if you if you want to see more videos like this please give this video a thumbs up I've had several requests coming in for this kind of videos so that's why I wanted to go ahead and quickly make this for you guys but if you want to see more of these like next week and the week after that if you kind of want to see them maybe week by week as I get a chance comment down below and let me know and I'll definitely continue to make these so thanks for sticking with me to the end of the video like I said earlier at the end of the video I was gonna go through and show you guys what all is in munch pack and what this is is a monthly snack box that they send you so you can sign up for it and then they send you new snacks every month so it's like a subscription box I'll leave a link down below for all the information that you may need or if you have any questions just leave me a comment down below and this is the first time they did send me this for a review so I'm just gonna show you guys what comes in or leaflets come in to our first so I'll kind of scoot it down and show you what this side says so there is an app that you can download and so you can view your history so if your kids are those that like to try new things or if you like to try new snacks that are just different that you can't find here in the state that's what I thought was really neat about this I mean Broxton has his own channel the girls do too and they've made videos where they tried the Japanese candy and they really enjoy doing that so I thought this would be fun and that they would enjoy trying out the different snacks that are inside this munch hack so let's see what snacks are in our very first pack so this looks like something spicy and it would be perfect for Braxton to take to school either for its snacks or along with his lunch it's a rice snack packed with chili spices and masala flavor and yeah this is right up his alley Braxton loves those um hey Braxton what it does really hot chips it's no talky it's hot never mind taki yeah that's right talkies he loves those talkies and they were so popular last year literally he wanted to take them every day but of course I wouldn't let him but so this looks like Justin he may like it's pretty spicy so I'll let him try that out and I like spicy step two so okay so real cheese baked not fried so this is a cheese snack that's baked don't let my work out who is that oh you're here I'm over here making a video that's okay so that's interesting so it's baked and it says real cheese so yeah I'll have to that's a good alternative something new to put in the kids lunch boxes okay we're back rutila's home I had to say hello to him okay so where did we leave off like I said this cheese keep snacks that looks really yummy so we'll definitely give those a try maverick Cat Cat Cat Cat with hazelnut feeling okay Turkey fluffy and crunchy pastry filled with sweet cocoa hazelnut cream interesting that looks delicious that's like something I would like I don't know that looks really good and it looks like here we've gotten some mixed nuts peanuts almonds cashews okay so now we have a Swiss roll of vanilla sponge take Swiss vanilla sponge cake with rich cocoa creams interesting see I'm excited I could put some of this stuff in the kids lunches like Braxton he could take something like this to school if it's not chewy candy watermelon okay hold on Oh get okay so next we have sweeties chewy candy watermelon tropical fruits and melon pineapple so yeah this is good so it looks like they do a good mixture of like nuts and regular snacks and then also can't though this is a gold pineapple cookie Oh pineapple okay when you're talking pineapple you're talking up my alley I love pineapple crunchy and sweet pineapple flavored cookies oh that's that kind of looks like Oreos like the vanilla Oreos and mo Mowlam blocks so this looks like it's raspberry orange strawberry lemon so you can see here it says the UK so it's from United Kingdom this is swizzles giant parma violets fizzy and lightly scented purple candies with a light grape flavor so this is so neat the kids are gonna love trying out these new snacks and candies and things like that so this is something I could see Braxton and his friends sharing and and so it's a space twisters paint roller candy rainbow roller with shower gel candy ah interesting yeah I've never seen anything like this and then lastly looks like they it comes with a drink blood orange flavored sparkling fruit drink Australian family-owned Bundaberg oh and look at the top pull out then up very cool okay so yeah I like this box this will be fun so if you're watching my lunch videos and snack videos and things like that you'll I'm gonna add some of these I'll be adding some of these snacks in the kids lunches I think this is a great idea and you know it's not for your kids even for yourself if you like to try new snacks or your family likes to try new snacks this is really cool I love the idea of it and again like I said I'll leave you a link down below with all of the information and don't be afraid to comment below if you have any questions I can always ask much back myself if you need to know anything else so thanks so much for watching and have a great day