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Hey Happy Readers!! Welcome to our Children’s Books Read Aloud! In this video we present Back to School Books, Back to School Rules book read aloud by Beth with Happy Cultivated.

Today’s Back to School Book: Back to School Rules

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In the Back to School Rules Book, Percy teaches everyone new to school what NOT to do. He gives lots of great advice, but leaves the best one for last: have fun at school! Back to School Rules is a great addition to Back to School Books!!

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hey happy readers welcome to children's books read aloud by happy cultivated back-to-school rules by Laurie Freedman illustrated by Teresa Murph in click that subscribe button for more children's books I'm Percy Isaac Gifford today is an important day it's time to go back to school but there's no need for dismay you shouldn't frown or fret I'll tell you what you need to know when it comes to higher learning stick with me I'm a pro I get the most out of my school year I promise you can to the rules of success are simple just know what not to do the first rule you should follow do not show up late you will be marked tardy teachers do not like to wait rule 1 the late student doesn't get the sticker do not make excuses don't blame everyone you know don't say you were on time it was your family that was slow another rule I live by don't be impolite an apple a day won't work if you don't know wrong from right rule 2 an apple a day does not keep the teacher away that means no naps in class no running through the halls no climbing up the flagpole no writing on the walls no hiding school supplies or gobbling all the snacks nothing in your teacher seat no gum or pins or tacks an important rule to follow don't forget to use your brain rule 3 great minds don't always think that means leave your plans at home that qualify as in sane know hanging from the ceiling no flying through the air no swimming in the fish tank no glitter in your hair this rule is worth heating it's something I promote don't contradict your teacher you will not win her vote rule 4 opposites do not attract if she says time to stand don't decide to sit if she says time to work don't decide to quit if she says get in line do not run about and don't forget to raise your hand unless you like timeout rule five when in doubt don't this next rule is a big one it covers things to never do the list is rather lengthy so sit tight until I'm through Percy Isaac Giffords list of things you should never do in school don't growl R hiss or snort don't thump or bang or spit don't whistle burp or bite don't whine or kick or hit don't mimic and don't copy don't ever ever sweater don't talk and annoying voices don't sing too loud or stare don't act like an animal don't buy our Moo or roar don't cackle crow or bark don't slither on the floor these things are all off-limits pay attention to this list I Percy Isaac Gifford promise there is nothing that I've missed signed Percy another rule to abide by and from this I never sway do not take forever if you've got something to say if you went to the market don't share every small detail remember when telling a story just quickly tell your tale though some might disagree I think it's okay to cry but you shouldn't do it often and you need a reason why if you didn't step in paint there's no gum in your hair you didn't swallow a pencil or glue yourself to a chair then no need for tears and tissues do not pitch a fit don't act like the world is ending teachers don't like this one bit rule 7 don't cry over spilt milk this rule I call the golden one there's more you shouldn't do I'm talking about stuff to others that you don't want done to you rule 8 do not do unto others no teasing taunting fighting no punches pokes or kicks you should not laugh at others never ever play mean tricks rule 9 you can't be Saved by the Bell the advice I'm about to give you isn't hard to comprehend it's about how you should act when the bell rings at day's end don't pull out your pom-poms or shout out schools a bore don't lead a chorus of hallelujah don't race out the door there's no need to jump for joy or trample others as you go you're coming back tomorrow that's an important thing to know I think that covers everything now you know what not to do just follow my simple rules and an a-plus waits for you but wait there's one more thing another rule that you should know it's of critical importance before it's off to school you go I can't believe I fell to tell you and to think we were almost done my last and most important rule rule 10 don't forget to have lots of fun you thanks Louie Deena's happy cultivated please like this video and subscribe to our channel click the bow next to the subscribe button to be notified when we post new books thanks for watching happy reading