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Øistein shows how to make a cardboard tractor. Use a box as big as yourself so you can fit inside!

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chapter hey old cardboard fans now we're you wanna make something big a tractor a true I have always wanted my own tractor ever since I was a little box so have I and now we're gonna make one but first let's make a work drawing close up the box and glue down the flaps before we start now we can draw imagine a box transforming into a tractor to do this we'll need an exhaust pipe wing mirrors windows wheels a radiator grille and we've got ourselves a tractor we start with drawing the guidelines for cutting the box grab a ruler and measure up a rectangle on each side to cut out do one side first then an identical one on the other side nice and easy now we are ready to get a grown-up help you cut along these red lines to remove the rectangles cut away another strip here so you can fall down and glue these two flaps here's one I already cut glued and taped up along the edges it's really good and strong then we draw on all the tractor bits I'll start with a windscreen on front of the box it's good to get that done first continue with two headlights and a radiator grille between them under the grille draw the front bumper then two front wheels mostly on the side but a little bit on the front to draw a wheel arch around the wheel the back wheels are huge and they also go round to the back of the tractor otherwise just like the front wheels they also need a nice wheel arch now to a large door with a big window and do it all again on the other side of the tractor the back of the tractor has a window at the top and two rear lights now grab a thick market pan and go over all the pencil lines to make the bold and ready for painting later finally draw some extra details like treads on the tires bridges on the grill and the tractor is ready for the next stage then we need to prepare the parts and open up the tractor so that we can climb in but first we prepare the parts first draw two wing mirrors one for each side then a fog light for the roof we also need a strip of cardboard for the tow bar at the back grab your marker pen and go over all the pencil lines this is how they should look when you've cut them out now take three toilet rolls together to make an exhaust pipe use plenty of sticky tape to make it strong at the end of the exhaust pipe cut some one centimeter notches fold them out like a fan and push down now let's finish that tow bar put a bit of glue halfway along the cardboard strip and stick on the toilet roll right let's clear up and get the tractor out together it's time to glue on all the parts wing me respect make some blue flaps with a ruler to get my straight edges a little dab of glue and stick the mirrors on one on each side next stick the fog light onto the roof now spread some glue onto the exhaust pipe and stick it standing up on the bonnet out to one side it needs some sticky tape to hold it in place until the glue dries now for the tool bar bend it a bit like this so it pokes out from the body of the tractor it should also fit between the rear wheels like this again use some sticky tape to hold it on while the glue dries imagine that oh and then we can paint it up in any color we wish I'm not sure what you think but I think bright red will make this tractor look awesome since the tractor is so big you should definitely use a thick and wide brush however around some of the details you should switch to a smaller brush when that's done mix some white and blue to get a nice light color and use that for the windows continue with some yellow on the headlights black for the bumpers and Darkrai for the tires right let's swap this tractor for one with dry paint look at it isn't it correct at this stage I often go over the lines again with a marker or a thin brush it really makes the details stand out finally the windows should shine for that use some white paint and paint some lines across like this get a grown-up to help you cut around the roof on three sides and fold it down inside the tractor then cut around the door and fold it out holding the roof in will support the tractor the door should open outwards it's hard to believe that this was just an old cardboard box a few minutes ago oh wait to take you for a spin on my cardboard Bob let's watch it one more time first go on the cutout two rectangles on each side of the box then glue the flaps and tape the seams draw the tractor on the box first with a pencil then with a marker pen next make and glue all the parts praise the tractor in bright red or whatever colors you want finally cut the roof and pavillion and pull out the door you can also turn your tractor into a grocery shop find out and remove the door and windscreen completely then add another box on the side and build a norming and the billboard and scale some groceries box help me out here got any more ideas sure thing ice time you can use the same message to make other big machines such as populous forklift Oh Vance fire engine bigot I'm good at this they're a box do you want to try to drive the tractor sure okay door ah there can you see properly all right there are thousands of ways you can box yourself just use your imagination fine Oh thanks for watching you'll find much more crazy cardboard craft on Facebook search for box yourself or FaceTime