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The Kids encountered a Mean Chuck E Cheese Mouse at the Chuck E Cheese Restaurant! Ava wanted to give him a kiss, but he totally stiffed all the kids! But in the end, we had tons of family fun playing all the arcade games for kids!


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so he's gone I have never seen that before this is a chuck-e-cheese we've never been to before what we gonna do you go play you got a super cool funhouse right here that we're gonna try out you gotta pay to get into it though listen Ava told me something very important about chuck-e-cheese what did you tell me about him I'm the notes you better not kiss him on the lips no that's not allowed we don't kiss people yeah you gotta be 32 control she's in a kitchen mood we're gonna see if Ava is actually going to kiss chuck-e-cheese like she said she would Oh he's on fire he's on fire people feed the dog hey grab the tickets free tickets score give me them free tickets I've got more tickets these tickets everywhere collect that money get some more free tickets and we might have enough for like a candy ring or something chaotic two at a time my lord she's nuts on the skee-ball I'm telling you two at a time oh my goodness so we got dual games we got NFL throw and we've got carnival throw set your feet set your feet would you get the seeing picture Wow let's go in the funhouse all right security cam there they go cam one coming up – cam – coming up the stairs on cam three four up hello there he is did you leave your sister in there I don't see her on the security I hear trying oh there she is Ava's lost in there she's lost so you don't know how to get through their way Hey come this way there she when you just right there AVO mommy's coming there she is she got her there she is there's Ava there's mom city there we go okay girl you okay that was quite a experience you were scared of the swinging bags no it's all right no mom mom doesn't he go up there watching rabid kids in their hand one of them demanded money from us this kid got the jackpot I'm getting 15 tickets for the jackpot this is the worst chuck-e-cheese ever bop to win you got to punch the clown look at this it's a clown punching game that's weird you lookyou this is so weird you gonna punch the clown huh let's just do this we're just gonna take out our chuck-e-cheese frustration on them right they knows you get the jackpot those are tickets people there they come but wait a minute what a rib I'm gonna give us how many they give us something wrong with this place mean this is hammer special smash the innocent frogs we're all a little cranky today what it's kind of a sad game they're saying now this kid he's a baller food all that you got one too some games are just cheapos whoa almost this chucky cheese coming out Hey look hey Chuck he's got a Santa costume on let's go see Chucky those kids are just mauling him can't wait yes tired Chucky definitely tired Chucky he's out of here he's like oh he what's nothing that he's gone he distracted him he distracted him in the lab I've never seen that before that kid's gonna get some though Ava come here he's running we chased him down girl do you want to kiss him so he's gone I have never seen that before that's me chucky cheese Wow he didn't say he didn't he didn't talk to any kids he didn't give high-fives all right David did you get to kiss chuck-e-cheese no why not he ran away he was mean chucky cheese wasn't he yeah maybe next time okay okay we have gotten held up for money we got stiffed by chucky cheese if we got trapped in the funhouse this has been a terrible experience thanks Jackie I guess we'll just sit here and ride the train remember to hit that like button subscribe if you haven't already and watch more of our weird experiences at Chucky Cheese