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Boy loves playing and reviewing classic 80s arcade games, in this episode we feature the popular kid video games Dig Dug and Mr.DO

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today I'm gonna play Dig Dug Dig Dug cool let's check it out what's Dig Dug about so you had to UM drop a walk-on lovely guys or pump them all right well let's see show us how it's done Dig Dug I'm sure you're good at this you get enough experience digging holes for your mother's gardens over there right so the object is to try to pump those guys up or drop a rock on awesome so that's how you pump them up that's pretty much it you got 40 100 points [Laughter] [Applause] Wow you certainly don't seem to like to drop rocks on people what's that too much digging that rock on the stay there looks like you dig dug yourself into a pretty deep hole mister do young did they caught you well it is pretty close to Dig Dug huh well let's check it out hopefully it's got better music Wow yes you're good at this game just yourself that's an awesome game I think he got three boards on mister – that's it mr. doom great job buddy well I can't wait till the next time we hang out with him play some dad's awesome 80s arcade games you