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Life Hacks expert Sunny is here to show some useful hacks for school. Learn how to make your own dry erase board for convenient note passing and other sneaky tips and tricks!
Rainy Day Hacks! –

Expert life hacker Sunny gives kids the inside scoop to all the coolest tips and tricks for navigating through life. Learn how to create your own harmonica with popsicle sticks, turn a t-shirt into a tote bag and make a lantern out of a sports drink. Plus, sneaky school secrets, paw-fect toys for your favorite pet and so much more. Tune in for the coolest D.I.Y tips, and you’ll never be bored again!
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Expert Life-Hacker: Sunny Keller

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if you got nothing to do I've got a couple tricks for you so take the loads slight tax for kids hi I'm sunny and today's episode of life hacks for kids is too cool for school our first hack is your personal dry erase board perfect for passing secret notes in class all you'll need is some clear tape sticky notes and a dry erase pen just take strips of the clear tape and place it on the sticky note make sure you overlap a little to cover the entire paper that's it [Applause] 9 times table I have a hack for that no passing notes to class tape makes it easy to wipe off my secret from multiplying by 9 is my magic calculator yeah there are fingers no batteries required well except for my brain but that's not really a battery but it kind of is for my body but it's not technically good well moving on place your 10 fingers down on your desk now let's say you want to do 9 times 3 put down finger number 3 that leaves 2 fingers on this side and 7 on the other 9 times 3 equals to 7 or 27 9 times 5 put down finger number 5 4 5 9 times 5 equals 45 simple and school legal if that even is a thing but in my book it is and for my file too-cool-for-school hack sunny secret storage deodorant lip balm think again an empty lip balm container makes a perfect hidden compartment for emergency cash in your locker just fold the bill in half and roll it up it even looks cool taking it out of the container for a bigger storage container use an almost empty deodorant for the deodorant just keep turning it until the top pops off this empty spot is great for jewelry or a few extra dollars then put the deodorant back on and turn it in the opposite direction until it's snug in place looks like deodorant feels like deodorant smells like deodorant and it favor than just leaving your stuff out in the open in your locker or in your backpack now you're too cool for school see you next time on life hacks for kids be sure to subscribe to Drake's TV and click here for more life hacks for kids