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Family Fun Day at the waterpark for kids! We took a road trip to the water park with slides and fun kids activities!!!

are you excited to go to the water and play in water and guess how long daddy how's he drive for seven hours minus one now but mainly Ryan ready to prepare for the road trip of your life yeah are you daddy no we're gonna take you on a road trip journey we'll see you there we're gonna do sit on the road to path time okay you guys ready all right it's a mystery who will it be it's not military it's a mystery like dark now we're still driving how you holding up 25 minutes okay yay this is the super dark entertainer self we're thinking maybe we should play a game to name superheroes if you cannot name a superhero you lose okay exactly boom oh good one good when we just watch that recently robbery Superman but houses their black widow Superman no daddy are you sick Superman Supergirl there we go tip them off Wonder Woman that's a good one yeah bitchin oh well Bryden says I'm saying it right superhero red tag war machine ok I've no idea it's you versus daddy mommy give up I don't know any other superheroes black panther halo 1 and give up – daddy wins alright so daddy wanted to be your challenge but we're gonna see how many other superheroes you can think of okay sigh boy uh-huh you have two more dr. strange oh you guys think I'm a superhero we did a name yet alright guys so that's our game now see you at the water park but so dog-like guys it's so dark outside the waterpark do you guys see solar sweat so what do you think daddy worth it yeah Wow alright guys we're here wow this is our treehouse lodge what you guys think you like it it looks like we're in a treehouse huh hey would you like it yeah here's the kitchen area cool with a fridge probably nothing inside empty alright so this is a bedroom okay yeah is your bed yeah let's check out what is it comfy okay so that's one bedroom this is the king-size bed Ryan are you King yeah oh the separate ones okay so this is Ryan Clady this giant size bed look how many times you can roll around I'm in III and then here's a little private bath area okay there's one more room yeah there's three bags Ryan this is like a smaller this one looks like a queen-size it is really cool cuz outside oh you can see the water part right there but his clothes right now so oh sure dad daddy's actually ordering a food oh no Ryan rushing his teeth getting ready for bed oh this is so we're gonna spend the night and then wake up and actually go to the waterpark hi everybody Brian's having his breakfast are you excited to go to the water and play in water a trillion water drop on [Laughter] [Applause] creaking we got giant turkey leg sausage is about stuffed turkey or something in our bike cheese so we're going to our room it's like cabin taking a little break we got a loaded on okay keep elasticity blast everything you have four and more super good for daddy [Applause] morning everybody so he just woke up and it's time to go home you miss home yeah so sorry so we only spent about one day here at the water park all right are we ready making a mess of this mess and ready to go ready for that seven-hour Drive this is a view of you didn't see like they drain the water there's no water okay guys we're in the car now we're driving home right when I say we're driving home I'm at daddy's driving cold how does it feel good okay guys thank you so much for watching our video hope you enjoy our fun waterpark trap and I hope you have a good day I have a family destiny don't forget to subscribe for more videos