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Penry last night was amazing wasn't it was it yeah it was too cool the school didn't say didn't see it why not homework homework don't tell me you actually did some sort of wrapper gross close zero bumper on you'll instead oh the one from last year or the year before last yeah it was here Ralph in here no sure of course as you all know the first subject of the day is homework I'm assuming you haven't done any Henri oh no miss and what is your Excuse this time you know Henry you could actually try doing some homework can help you with your homework what would be the point is that what look Henry Henry mum says store white one code busy mom says she doesn't care you doing your homework yes look the ultimate website for hard one oh Henry you all doing your homework he popped the good work Henry it's all worth it in the end let's see the ultimate website for homework excuses and what is your Excuse this time distracted miss you know exactly what did he miss interesting subject knew him not know but I'm glad to hear you've been doing some work of sorts so Henry anything distract you from your homework last night well yes miss battle-axe I'm waiting in this fascinating question of whether man is my tea or birthday hmm and what conclusion did you come to ah well I didn't miss you see [Applause] and just where do you think you'll go English nice wood Lud think I'd fall for that yes now let's have a chat about all these toys you've been knocking over shall we well did you get it what your comic of course Henry your manners are alright alright keep it here on dear someone's angry about something maybe they didn't get their copy of gross class zero either why don't you help me make my cake Henry don't want to it's a chocolate cake still don't want to yes Peter it says here that if I want to learn all about stitching asad for toilet roll cover I just have to order a black issue but what does that mean well it means that if you didn't get a copy of that particular magazine you can ask the publishers to send you one hi thanks for calling garage publishers yes I need a copy of this week's closed our senior colleague you see what it really our leaders move in together but on eternal I need a whole the parents of managed to getting together to get out to the house we don't Bowl well quite I got the very last one but then moody Margaret evil bogey brain muster my number one security thank you for your message we will get right back to you after the weekend when we're back at work region during the week never find out if Zacks sick face escapes from the handkerchief of two Oh what Freddie fault good eat enough beans to blow off the doors of the phones oops sorry fine I got blue but I do know it's a hole in your brain what this my cuca actually no way that's nothing I got cold never Wow a boy with a gold gizmo could do [Applause] it's I don't want to bring it to school do i mi get stolen my lunchbox was stolen – rubbish you haven't got a goal gizmo Henry and you know it if you had one you'd be showing it off come on Henry show us okay and you're all going to look pretty stupid when you see it we'll be waiting this is going to take something magical ever jessa marbles Oh going collection what's he doing just saying what I want when you're gone I'm really sorry about the gold gizmo why everybody wants a gold one but what about the curse whoopers it's been in all the papers every single person who's got a gold gizmo dies a horrible day that's not true it is didn't you see about that girl she bought a gold gizmo and she fell down the toilet and drowned then was the boy who was out with his goal gizmo and all because of the curse of the cone gizmo oh no I saw it the giant fly comes part of tragedy it's a sign you are well if you give the cold gizmo to someone else the curse passes took their I suppose I could take the risk I know you'd risk your life for me what did you just say mrs. Potts yes Margaret the bit about a kitten on a Hot Tin Roof exactly Margaret oh just about sums it up I can't hear you Margaret sure but I still can't hear you sorry miss oddbod that's better you young people sorry seems to be the hardest word what is it Margaret nowhere Margaret no Margaret that is not the right answer is it little jiggly Wiggly detention is the right answer Margaret and do not pass go oh just go bunky bunk beetle bonzi about oh she's got the attention from assault but she says it's all my fault where was it of course not she was being tin roofs or don't really understand it me neither if you want some real rubies then I'm your man just how rude liar so I'm walking down the street for dinner after last time no way dinner is served you're going to bed early tonight Henry what are you cooking tonight dear salmon with lime and ginger and chocolate mousse for dessert I'm eating the mussels tonight nice try Henry mr. Massey wants to hear Peter play the cello and then it's off to bed for him as well my mother looking forward to an early night – I understand that grown-ups need to be by themselves sometimes [Applause] Henry stop it go to your room I won't come out until I tell you Oh No the Moose I don't have to make another one good evening hello nice to meet you mr. and mrs. Massey I'm Peter what a journey particularly is down they should help beat his cello sound better Hercules mommy will protect you they really ought to keep that wild beast locked up chocolate mousse well if they won't invite me to dinner I'm inviting me to dinner do you swear by the sacred oath that the purple happen to say nothing about this to anyone even if you're being tortured by aliens fairy dust dust it looks just like Gita of course it looks like glitter where do you think glitter comes from they left it behind I saw them fairies Wow only come out if I can stay up no tell no one you swore by the sacred oath okay maybe you can ask them to come before 7:30 what well that's my bedtime oh I see you're too much of a smelly nappy baby to stay up and see the fairies okay let's do it you of the fairies it's very high up I have to do a jewelry sent to his room for so long well miss rancid thank you so much for coming in at such short notice oh yes but let me show you to your class all right I know the way [Applause] so Henry we meet again hello Rebecca my pet spider I don't believe I have anyone else thinking of misbehaving no no no you think you're going you are you doing down there Henry let me help you Henry maybe you'll better produce combat from your new teacher once were using smelly nappy baby well my help so hand me what you're going to do about it the bogie babysitter but no he teacher more like to do something Rebecca's not frightened of spiders anymore what's the hold she would scare well it didn't get it so you better figure out how to get rid of her all else rose whoa or else it will be even more your fault Moli folks cuz it always is