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Hey Happy Readers!! Welcome to our Children’s Books Read Aloud! In this video we present one from our requested kids books list, Hotel Transylvania 3 Summer Vacation book read aloud by Beth with Happy Cultivated.

Today’s Book is a Hotel Transylvania 3 Book: Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, Monster Cruise. This book is a Hotel Transylvania 3 spoiler if you haven’t seen the movie!!

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In the Hotel Transylvania 3 Book, Mavis and Drac and the Drac Pack go on a much needed summer vacation, a Monster Cruise. The cruise goes along the Bermuda Triangle and ends at the lost city of Atlantis. Something is sketchy about the captain though and a strange device on board. Hotel Transylvania 3 Summer Vacation is a great addition to our kids books and also makes a great Halloween Book for Kids!!

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hey happy readers welcome to children's books read aloud by happy cultivated Hotel Transylvania 3 summer vacation monster cruise click that subscribe button for more children's books mavis didn't know what to do even though Hotel Transylvania runs smoothly it was a lot of work so she and her father never had time for their family and friends do you need some family time are you a monster then you need a vacation a monster vacation proclaimed an announcer on a television commercial and in that moment Mavis knew exactly what Drac and his pack needed a vacation it wasn't just any vacation it was a once in a lifetime cruise for monsters that started in the legendary Bermuda Triangle and celled to the lost city of Atlantis Jack and his friends were amazed by the cruise ship monsters from all over the world boarded alongside the Drac pack Drac loved Mavis sweet surprise he adored spending time with his family and friends and couldn't wait to see what adventures were in store for them exotic locations gourmet dining non-stop entertainment Jack was ready for whatever came his way [Laughter] but he was not ready for what happened when Erika the ship's captain introduced herself to the travelers one look at her and drak zinged he had only seemed once before with Mavis his mother was it possible to zing twice to be – Shula a coup B Ali booboo said Drac when he met Erica who didn't know what to make of drag silly babbling so she replied Holly boo boo to you and went on her way after another goofy encounter with Erica Jack told his friends what was going on it felt good to zing again but he also worried about Mavis she Johnny and Dennis were his family he had to be there for them everything else was a distraction family family fun fun Drac reminded himself the drag pack was excited for him they loved seeing Jack so happy make some small talk encouraged Marie asked her if she likes coffins said Griffin compliment her her neck looks delicious suggested Frank just then captain Erica came walking by Drac seized the moment your delicious neck wrappings are in the nice coffin would you like to see my parts asked a hopelessly tongue-tied Drac that night Drac snuck away to meet Erica at dinner she pretended to be interested in him so she could feed him garlic laced guacamole she hoped it would do him in instead of dying he tooted Drac was so embarrassed and nervous he admitted that this was his first date since his wife died and he had a lot on his mind the past stays with us but we make our own future said Drac this surprised Erica she never thought she'd relate to a monster like Jack plotting against monsters made it hard for her to think about the future the night got worse Drac had forgotten that he had offered to babysit Dennis when an angry Mavis arrived at the restaurant Drac told her it was just a business meeting his date did not end well soon enough the ship arrived at Atlantis their final destination the monsters were invited to explore the lost cities sites they were also promised a huge celebration all the monsters were having a great time correction most of the monsters were having a great time Drac was still trying to figure out what to do about zinging with Erica and being a good dad to Mavis Drac had to set things straight I have to tell Mavis the truth right after I talked to Erica he explained to his friends who were enjoying the Krakens singing a curious Drac spotted the ship's captain who had captured his heart she seemed to be sneaking off so he followed her erricka crept down a staircase and entered a passageway toward an underground pool she dove into the water drak followed her erricka ended up in a throne room she was so focused on her mission that she didn't even hear Drac arrived she just stared at the stone figure holding a device as she took a step forward an axe flew out of the wall luckily Drac grabbed the axe before it struck Erica you saved my life I can't believe you would do that for a human said Erica humans monsters what's the difference said Drac Erica didn't believe Drac so she tested him she told him she was there to reclaim a family heirloom every step erica took set off a new booby trap and each time Drax saved erica from flying axes arrows and darts that was incredible said erica don't you want your crystal ball thingy ask Drac erica had completely forgotten about the device she hesitated at first then finally grabbed it as soon as she did the room started to collapse Drac scooped up Erica and dive back into the pool he saved her again but before Drac and erica could catch their breath Mavis confronted the couple she'd been following them seeing her father impelled with all the axes arrows and darts convinced Mavis that erica was up to no good what are you doing to my father yelled Mavis Jack finally admitted that he had seemed with Erica this surprised Mavis and Erica I could never be with a monster said Erica and she ran away at the big Atlanta celebration Joanie helped Mavis realized that Drac deserved to be happy just like they were she encouraged her father to follow his destiny and talk with Erica Drac went looking for Erica he was shocked to find her with his sworn enemy her grandfather van Helsing the trip to Atlantis the mysterious device it was a trap to destroy the monsters Drac was devastated so was Erica she was falling for drugged she loved how sweet he was with his family and friends she was odd that he would risk his life to save hers over and over again van Helsing activated the device with horrible sounding music it made the crack and lose control and start to destroy everything in its path Drac tried to fight the Kraken but it was too strong suddenly Erica realized that monsters and humans were more alike than not it was her turn to save Drac Johnny helped save the day too thanks to his DJ skills he played the happiest songs he knew to calm the Kraken everyone at the party even van Helsing and the Kraken started to dance Mavis could not be happier for her dad he had his family friends and someone to zing who zinged him back what more could he need thanks for reading with happy cultivated please like this video and subscribe to our channel click the bell next to the subscribe button to be notified when we post new books thanks for watching happy reading