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Peppa George and Suzy sheep have had a sleepover Rebecca rabbit's house it's fun having carrots for breakfast mummy rabbit yes we always have carrots for breakfast I could eat carrots all day but I'd better go to work mummy rabbits why don't you work I can't work Suzy who do you think looks after these two little bunnies eg mummy and you can help me by tidying up your toys please before someone trips over them that'll be my sister hello I can't stop long I've got lots of work to do today I've got the supermarket checkout the ice-cream stall and the bus drive see you later then sister bye sister yes what miss rabbit has tripped over one of Richard's toys oh my ankle I can still hop to work no you stay here and get better but I've got so much work to do I'll do your work for you which job is first the supermarket okay Rebecca look after your aunty yes mummy rabbit has arrived at the supermarket thank goodness you're here miss rabbit miss rabbit is ill I'll be doing her job today are you not miss rabbit no I'm her sister mummy rabbit is this where I say yes have you ever work before no how much is this oh I don't know can I pay with a card Suzy sheep is dressed up in her nurse's costume stick your tongue out and say miss rabbit's ice-cream stool ice cream Oh Peppa I was on the way to the gym what I thought an ice-cream would be nice I'm an expert at icecream can I have the cherry ice cream strawberry vanilla chocolate with pistachio and strawberry please ah strawberry oh it's melted how about ice cream soup instead granddad dogs breakdown service [Applause] mummy sheeps car has broken down granddad dogs break down service can you rescue me please I'll be straight there driving a bus is quite hard selling ice cream is quite hard running a supermarket checkout is quite hard you must lie very still but please keep breathing are you feeling any better miss rabbit it's not easy doing all your jobs it's not easy looking after your little bunnies I will be back to work tomorrow won't you yes and you'll be back at home won't you yes bumfuck is taking Heather and George on a boat trip Polly parrot is going to Grandpa pig have you got your mobile phone yes granny pig don't drop it in the water no granny pig is it switched on yes granny pig here is granddad dog lovely day to go sailing I would go to but my boat needs are clean I don't know why you bother cleaning that rusty boat I'm surprised it's still afloat this rusty boat will still be afloat long after your old tin boat to sunk to the bottom of the river granddad dog is grandpa pigs very best friend I am the captain of this boat and when the captain tells you to do something you must do it Polly parrot copies everything that is said George raised the flag okay but as captain you must wear this hat now Peppa is the captain everyone must do what she says he's a bit bossy perhaps I should be the captain again we don't want to crash into anything steering the boats can be tricky luckily I'm good at steering then grandpa pigs boat has crashed into a little island I'll ring granny pig she can get help Oh grandpa pig has dropped his phone in the water granny pig speaking hello [Applause] somehow we need to get a message to granny good idea Peppa and I can teach Polly what to say grandpa pig says there you see easy-peasy you silly old bird you silly old bird hello Polly what are you doing here what does grandpa pig say you silly old bird oh goodness me grandpa must need help granddad dog hello granny pig grandpa pig needs help please could you rescue him but um I would be delighted do you need rescuing maybe would you like my rusty old boat to rescue you yes please grandad dog catch this captain aye aye skipper granddad dog is grandpa pigs very best friend yes Polly is a very clever parent say I'm a clever parrot grandpa pig is looking after pepper and George today know what a slide is Peppa I used to play on one myself when I was a little piggy we had swings and climbing frames and roundabouts but my favorite was the slide he's my favorite everyone takes it in turns to have a go on the slide Northy Richard you know you have to wait your turn Richard rabbit finds it hard to wait his turn it's not easy being small is it Richard because Richard is little I don't think you should have to wait I wouldn't change the rules if I were you grandpa peg nonsense the children understand don't you so he shouldn't have to wait either Richard and George are taking all the turns on the slide don't worry Peppa they won't be on it for long here is Pedro pony on the swing I just want to swing a bit small but you've been on the swing for ages grandpa pig can you push me a little bit please I think it is someone else's turn now Pedro but I have to go home soon oh I see that's different let me push you then everyone wants to get on the random too many children on the roundabout everybody off grandpa pig I was actually here first ah then you can get back on the roundabout I need to get on – why is that Rebecca hmm because it's my birthday sing now is everybody ready I'm having glasses try : please the children are making up their own rules I need to get them because I like carrots now are you all ready to go No we have to get on because I can do this here is mummy pig how are you getting on grandpa pig I'm confused these playground rules are too complicated there is only one rule grandpa pig and that is everyone waits their turn what even the little ones even the little ones even the very old ones like grandpa at the playground everyone has their turn peppers family are on holiday in their camper van good morning my little piggies since we're in the countryside I thought we could spend the day looking at nature good idea mummy pig let's watch a nature program one of the wonders of nature birds sous-sous little birdy we can't hear our TV Oh daddy pig there's no point being on a camping holiday and just watching TV we can do that at home good thinking mummy pig there are lots of fun places we can visit there's tree world what's tree world is a big forest full of trees it sounds a bit boring all this potato City what's potato city there's a tour of the potato fields ending with a potato tasting sounds interesting oh there's duck land it's a wide river full of ducks love ducks how do we get the camper van can guide us hello where are we going today that planet please follow the road ahead in a straight line welcome to adults and two children maybe they're on holiday always more ducks and Here Come more ducks and here are all the aunties and uncles that's the last of our picnic gone thank you daddy pig you're most welcome it is time to go home I wonder what's the shortest way home drive straight ahead into the river oh are you sure yes drive into the river we can't drive in the river yes it's talking nonsense please press the blue button Kanban is driving into the river I wasn't quite expecting that welcome to the car of the future you have reached your destination but it's nice to be back in our own little house pepper and her friends are going to the gym today let's check you've all got your gym kits on Pedro is wearing a superhero costume pedal where is your gym kit it's at home I thought it was dressing up day follow me children this is the gym where mummies and daddies come to exercise and enjoy themselves are you all having fun no gym teacher for today is Grampy rabbit children are you ready to exercise do we have to do that no that's Ernie for big athletes like me an orphan it can explore us like you we not explore us I'll make explorers of you but you you look like a superhero attending we can start adventure I want you to pretend that this room is a jungle look like a jungle where are the trees you have to imagine it the trees the rain the fast playing river at your feet your first adventure is to walk on this beam across the river ah but it's night time and it's windy what that's how it was for me it was a dark and stormy night I was on an adventure it's not windy all night time you have to pretend everyone crosses the pretend river safely well done my little explorers your next adventure is to swing across the swamp full of crocodiles I can't see any crocodiles you've got to pretend let those crocodiles know who's boss go away you know it's a crocodile that's the spirit in Cuba this finger causes cochineal swamp of course I did Scott notice can't I stay world of me ready don't forget to do the call this is a big jump over it it's a dinosaur egg I was walking in the world of dinosaurs did you have a good gym yes come to play with Suzy sheep on your face so people don't know it's me I'm in a secret it's not easy to get into you have to say the secret word right your friend Johnny dog has come to lay I'm in a secret Club Pedro pony candy cat and Rebecca rabbit have come to play Susie and Peppa are in a secret Club can we join your secrets club it's very hard to get into you have to say the secret word that's not the word I said it changes all the time pet secret oh are we in the secret club now you're in what do we do we do see things in secret on secret missions talking about show us how you do a secret mission yes Peppa can do it you've got the mask on Susie okay my secret mission is to get biscuits watch this Susie sheep is trying not to be seen please of course here you are thank you mummy Susie sheep has been turned with the biscuits did anyone see you no wow only a grown-up look out would you like some Jews to go with your biscuits it's biscuits the biscuits I just gave you for your friends what's the matter told everyone oh can I be in your secret club please please I've always wanted to be in a secret club it's very hard to get into you must say the secret word which is pick a needle noodle pick a needle noodle that's it yo what happens now you cow it's daddy pig secret club ah there you are mummy sheep what's new I always wanted to be in a secret Club can I join please my mummy is grown up well which is done Papa what do I do now look out it's mummy pig mummy in secret daddy pig ah hello mummy pig what are you doing in that Bush secret cup oh I've always wanted to be in a secret Club we can't have everyone in the secret Club it wouldn't be a secret oh I suppose it doesn't have to be a secret secret Club it can be see everybody secret Club and everybody can be in it oh goody daddy pig is making vegetable soup for lunch Thank You pepper can you clear away all these vegetable peelings stop pepper this vegetable peelings don't go in the normal bin they go in this brown bin oh that's right George it's a banana skin and there are onions and carrots and all sorts of fruit and vegetable leftovers in here granny and Grandpa will like these they're for grandpa's garden they help his plants grow oh we can take these round there after lunch taking the vegetable peelings over to granny and Grandpa pig's vegetable peelings fantastic my garden will like these oh no Peppa these peelings are for my compost heap what's that I'll show you here it is yes Peppa but it's a very clever wooden box I put these peelings in the top and then out of the bottom comes love Oh No pepper I've got some little friends that give it some help the worms turn the fruit and vegetable what a good idea I can use the compass yes pepper and talking of trees we better go and help granny Pig she's collecting fruit in the orchard it's where you find fruit trees we've had this orchard since I was a little piggy are you going to help me collect some apples yes to high up don't worry Peppa granny and Grandpa have a little trick to collect the apples everybody hold on to the tree on the count of three shake the tree as much as you can of course pepper and can you guess what we do with the apple cause that's right the apple cores go into the compost for the worms clever George pepper and her family are at brani and grandpa pig's house Oh today I'm going to make apple and blackberry crumble I need you brave explorers to go and get the fruit we've got baskets for the apples first the easy bit picking apples on the count of three shake the tree why and now for the blackberries why don't we just have apple crumble because blackberries are tasty to Grandpa okay now the hard beat now that's what I call a blackberry bush this bush has been here since I was a little piggy it's an overgrown weed I should have cut it down years ago don't you like it I don't like the way it looks at me silly grandpa it's just a harmless bush and it's covered in lovely BlackBerry's George has seen some really big juicy blackberries careful George or you might get tangled I have a stick for picking hard-to-reach blackberries but the best blackberries are right at the very top that's why I brought the ladder um lean too far over mummy pig don't worry I've been climbing this blackberry bush since I was a little girl yes but you're not a little girl now I know what I'm doing oh dear mummy pig has fallen into the blackberry bush that was a princess could Sleeping Beauty one day she fell asleep in a phony bus and she stayed there for a hundred years yes that's a nice story pepper it is Suzy sheep my mummy is in the blackberry bush and she'll be there for hundred years like Sleeping Beauty and shall be rescued by a handsome prince who will give her a kiss my mommy is having an adventure I wish my mummy would have adventures like that can someone think of a way to get me out of here don't worry mummy in hundred years handprints I'll be that handsome prince grandpa pig may I borrow your pruning shears please of course you may brave sir daddy pig stand back everyone take that you saw me push you my prince my princess that was quite long enough thank you this sort of thing only happened to me stand still while we pick you let's take all this roots back to granny pig she looked quite silly and she was going daddy came and blessed cute ah Thank You Peppa I think we've all heard that story enough times now I never want to see another black berry in my life so you don't want any apple and blackberry crumble then well mmm delicious mummy pig loves apple and blackberry crumble everyone loves apple and blackberry from today peppa and her friends are going on a train ride mr. rabbit is the stationmaster how many tickets 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 10 child tickets and one teacher tickets please now children do not lose these tickets can I see your tickets please tickets oh dear pedal you must be more careful now your ticket Oh try not to lose it again miss rabbit is the train driver here are your activity sheets the children have to spot everything that is on the activity sheet a signal box trees on the left no I can see cards Oh now from the list no I can see granddad dog [Applause] my granddad won't be on the lease but he is sailing a boat and a boat is underneath the children take the boat on their activity sheets please mr. rabbit has come to check everyone's ticket I think I've missed my tickets oh dear oh dear you know there's your ticket Pedro you were sitting on it now you try not to lose it again Pedro the train is going slowly the train is going quickly down I feel a bit sick can I go to the front please okay Pedro you can go to the front of the Train would you like to train for a bit the children take the signal box on their activity sheets the signal has stopped the train so that someone important could cross the tunnel is the last thing on the activity sheet wall change everybody off no madam do those hello we come to get ha ha pepper we are back where we stopped it the train has gone in a big circle tickets please can I have my hat back please pepper and her family are on their way to visit cousin Chloe hi there these are my friends Simon squirrel and Belinda bear you can call me sigh it's short for Simon and I'm me it's short for the loser I'm Peppa we'll call you pear oh and this is George we'll call you Joe oh you didn't tell us you had baby cousins Chloe I'm not a baby but you're both little I'm a big girl George's little why don't we all play a game yes let's play hide and seek we don't play baby games anymore we're almost grown up what's about the yes no game what's the yes no game I ask things a new aunt what makes that a game you mustn't say yes or no too easy do you want to play then yes I wasn't ready pepper is very good at playing there yes no game can I ask the questions oh cool you don't mind me asking you the questions I don't my am I ever going to make you say yes or no I don't think so oh I give up how do you always win easy I just don't say yes you said yes let's play another game have you ever played Sardi's what's that someone hides and we all try to find them that sounds like hide-and-seek but when you find them you keep quiet and hide in the same space until everyone is hiding there like sardines in a team all right let's try it first George is looking for somewhere to hide no no you must squeeze in with pepper and George no Belinda Bear must squeeze in – we like sardines in a tin where's everyone gone yeah let's just chill out we just sit around and talk about stuff I like talking let's talk about music I dig blues music um I like Reds music I like greens music we don't like children's music no no what music are you into I like this it's very grown-up [Applause] shoulders knees and toes [Applause] it's time to go home now again soon I'm coming to house playing games we like playing games with pepper and George you can still have fun playing games even playing in their bedroom Richard made the toy basket into a volcano which it is using toy trees to make a jungle George has used the building blocks to make a river the bedroom into Dinosaur Land the good thing about rainy days is we get to watch important TV program George and Richard have made the bedroom and two Dinosaur Land and Dinosaur Land is very noisy George has his best but I've got to play with you could ask Suzy sheep to come over yes can i yes [Laughter] the bedroom is not dinosaur land anymore it is a hospital I agree doctor he is a very greenie L color he must go to bed and this dinosaur looks a very purple color yes doctor he must go into bed too quiet in the hospital the bedroom is not a hospital anymore now it is a railway station oh now the bedroom is fairy land only pretty things are allowed in fairy land what's all this crying about and we want to play hospitals and I see the rain is stopped outside so maybe you could all play outside but after it's been raining in the garden what do you normally find it is home time Peppers play Teddy play cop is our school mascot its peppers term to take him home it's all in his suitcase I see pepper daddy pig and Teddy playgroup have arrived home mummy pig we have a special guest staying with us tonight really who's that and what's the photo album for him doing exciting things oh my friends of Teddy playgroup oh I forgot London Paris Egypt I say Teddy playgroup does have an exciting life and I hope he has an exciting time with us let's take a photo for Teddy playgroup album say cheese it is morning pepper is taking Teddy playgroup to the supermarket this is the checkout where all the food is paid for Jorge wants to take a picture ok Jorge Jorge Teddy playgroup is missing don't worry pepper I sure will find him hello how was your day no but I've got a plan to find him list you print out all the photos we took of him mummy pig is unpacking the shopping where are you going we're going to stick pictures of Teddy playgroup on trees when people see the pictures of Teddy playgroup they'll know he's lost and they can help us find him yes he's in the shopping bag with the pasta and tomatoes pepper is showing her class Teddy playgroups photo album all of us found him again in something that was an exciting adventure it is Christmas Eve go and see father Christmas fair the whole world have you all been good have you all kept your bedrooms I did now come on tell me I'll see what I can do is that everyone we haven't seen yet I am sorry what is your name I'm Peppa Pig oh yes nice to see you again Peppa what would you like for Christmas I would like to tell that walks and talks and closes its eyes when it goes to sleep please please very good you do know where I live don't you oh yes I'm hundreds of years old I told you don't forget to leave me a mince pie and her family are driving back from the Christmas party we're spending Christmas at granny and Grandpa's house don't worry Peppa father Christmas knows everything yes and I've got a very important job for you Oh stir the Christmas pudding make a wish pepper and George are making here's the mince pie and a drink for father Christmas who could that be at this time of night we're not buying anything it is bedtime for peppa and George this used to be my bedroom when I was a little piggy oh yes he's been here many times before good night pepper good night George pepper and George have fallen asleep when they wake up it will be Christmas Day it is a school day pepper and her friends are having a music lesson Pedro has a cuff not to worry I'll ring dr. brown bear dr. brown bear speaking hello Doctor this is Madame gazelle a child is ill don't panic I'll come straightaway what seems to be the problem I've got a cough I see this a tickly cough or chesty cough I don't know but it goes like this hmm and when did you get this cough well Madame gazelle started singing it's nothing serious but Pedro's cough may be catching what do you mean patching when one person has a cough sometimes other people get that cough – just a little spoonful I'm afraid it doesn't taste very nice it's a cycle out Shu full of charm Thank You dr. brown bear goodbye as I thought Pedro's cough is catching Danny dog and Suzy sheep of Court Pedro's cough open wide flowers well done for taking your medicine so well no pepper I'm never ill I eat an apple a day it is dr. brown bear Kaden looked after us he gave us horrible medicine Madame gazelle can you sing your song now of course Peppa I had a dolly who was dear all the grown-ups have got Pedro's cough dr. brown bear speaking not to worry Peppa I'm on my way hello everyone caught Pedro's cough have we very well stand in line and open wide no one looks after me I never will dear dr. brown bear has caught Pedro's cough not to worry Oh goodbye poor dr. brown bear he's ill and there's no one to look after him it tastes like jammy yogurt flavored custard shock he was a song to make you feel better