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pepper is feeding go to the fish Goldie isn't eating she looks a bit sad I think she's lonely she hasn't got any fish friends maybe Goldie could visit the aquarium the aquarium is a place where there are lots of fish the family abroad go to the fish to the aquarium I hope we can find gold your friends I'm sure we will pepper the aquarium has every type of fish hello miss rabbit hello how many tickets please two grown-ups and two children please the fish goes free does the aquarium have every type of fish oh yes probably good we're looking for a friend the gold day well I hope he finds one enjoy the aquarium thank you the first room has a tank full of little fish could any of these big oldest friend let's see what fish are in the next room okay here is candy cat and her family doing here we come here all the time it's better than watching TV we like fish oh what's in this tank I can't see anything aha daddy pig that's a fish right in front of you wow it is a very big fish do you think this fish could be a friend for Goldy no it is too big never mind let's go to the next room what's in this tank I sure George thinks he has seen a dinosaur it's not a dinosaur George it's a funny kind of fish called the seahorse you know lots about fish yes I like fish can the seahorse be gold his friend it's one more room to go nothing it's just green slime look that green slime is algae there must be some sort of fishing whoa there's a fish with big long ears it's a rabbit fish it is miss rabbit wearing a diving costume she is cleaning the fish tank miss rabbit is saying hello it is difficult to talk underwater that was the last fish tank what's in the next room this is the aquarium cafe oh goody my favorite room hello Peppa did you find a friend for Goldy that's just ginger my pet goldfish he loves the aquarium Oh looks like goalies found a friend after all and Goldie can visit ginger anytime she wants you