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The book selections I am sharing with you are suitable for all faiths and ages. While they are primarily children’s books, I find them to be both enjoyable to read and educational for children and adults. In fact, I think children’s picture books are an overlooked genre. Aside from them being beautifully illustrated, I’ve mostly found that children’s picture books are written with high quality, easy-to-understand language making them especially great for children and adults. What I also like is that children of multiple ages can also enjoy a single picture book. Young children delight in the illustrations and pick up the content that’s understandable for their age and older children may gather more from the content but still enjoy the illustrations. In my experience, I’ve also found that I learn a lot! I love picture books for that reason. I learn in an easy, educational and enjoyable format. The simplicity, but not rudimentary style of children’s picture books makes them ideal for all audiences.

In this video, I shared a Biography of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) for which I have made a separate video detailing this series. You can find that here:

A complete list of all the books shown in this video can be found on my website at the blog post that accompanies this video:

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