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In this SWTAD Kids video, we will see the LOL Surprise dolls Glitterati Club morning routine & trip to Disney park. Family fun playtime with Playmobil amusement park rides and LOL dolls. We also get a room tour of the Glitterati Club’s bedroom.

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The following are the time stamps where you can find each of the activities in the video
0:01 LOL dolls Glitterati Club morning routine
3:50 LOL dolls in Disney Park
4:30 Tour of the Glitterati Club room

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In my videos I play with kids toys and dolls. My short stories try to convey positive messages for children. Here you will find stories with dolls and toys as well as coloring books, activities for kids, some crafts and dress up doll games.

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(birds singing sounds) Little Sisters1: Yippee, yippee! It's morning time, it's morning time! Today we're going to go to the Disneypark! (Lil Queen bee) Sister, wake up! The sun is out, it's time for us to go to
Disney! Queen Bee: Oh, sister, don't be so annoying! Lil Crystal Queen: Sister, wake up! Crystal Queen: Girl, you threw me off the bed! Lil Crystal Queen: It's just that it's time
to go to Disneyland! Crystal Queen: Oh no, we don't have to go so early. Glitter Queen: Only Cosmic Queen has the good
luck of not having an annoying little sister that wakes her up early in the morning. Cosmic Queen: Hey, I heard what you said. You guys don't know what you're saying. Having a little sister is one of the best
things. I wish I had one. And I completely agree with them, it's time
to go eat breakfast so we can get ready to go to Disneypark. One of the little sisters: Yippee! Disney!
Disney! Lil Queen Bee: Sister, I'll help make your bed,
you can go to the bathroom. Queen Bee: Oh thank you little sister, the
truth is I do need to go peepee. (yawns) I'm still really sleepy. Hmm, I think I'll shower now, might as well. (whistling) (music) Now, I'll brush my teeth. (music) Glitter Queen: All right, sister, what are you
going to wear today? I'll get you a nice dress. Lil Glitter queen : Oops. Sister, I made a poopy. Lil Glitter Queen: Okay, no problem. I'll change your diaper. Ooh, you did go poopoo (laughs). Lil Crystal Queen: Finish all of your breakfast, little
sissy. It's a long drive and I don't want you to
get hungry on the way over there. Cosmic Queen: (sighs) I would love to have
a little sister for myself as well. Glitter Queen: Queen Bee, are you done eating
breakfast? Queen Bee: Yes, I'm completely ready for us
to go now. Lil Glitter Queen: (struggling baby sounds)
This bag is so heavy. Sissy! Sissy! Glitter Queen: Sweetie, why do you have that
bag? We have everything ready, everything is in
the car already. Lil Glitter Queen: It's just that, I want to
take some things. And I already put them in this bag. Glitter Queen Oh, Little Glitter Queen. (sighs) It's okay, we'll take it. Lil Crystal Queen Oh, this bag is so heavy. (struggling baby sounds) Sissy!! Crystal Queen: *giggle let me guess, you also
want to bring a bag, Little Crystal Queen? Lil Crystal Queen: Yesh! my teddy beaws also
want to go to the Disney pawk with us. Crystal Queen All right, that's fine. But you need to take good care of them. I wouldn’t want you to lose them, cause
you’ll be sad (music) Okay Now we can go to the Disney park Little Sisters: Yippee!! All: singing (you already did it in part 1) Glitter Queen: What ride should we go on first? Lil Queen Bee: the flying swings! the flying
swings!! Glitter Queen All right, let's go on the flying
swings. (music) Queen Bee: Hey, how about we go to the space
ships? Crystal Queen: Yes, of course, let's go! (music) Storieswithdolls: Hi friends! Stories with toys and dolls here! What do you guys think about the room that
I made for the girls from the LOL Surprise Dolls Glitterati club Series 1 They're super sparkly, they have a lot of
glitter! So I thought their room should be super glittery
as well. So that's why I made their walls completely
covered in glitter and their beds as well, the beds have sparkly bedspreads. Friends, if you would like me to make another
room for the other LOL doll clubs in another video, don't forget to tell me in the comments. And tell me which club you guys want. And if it's from series 1 or series 2. I know you have also been asking me to make
a little sister for Cosmic Queen, because Cosmic Queen doesn't have a little sister
yet. In a previous video, we had made a little
sister for Luxe. If you haven't seen it yet, I'll leave you
the link up here so you can all go and watch it. So, if you want me to make a sister for Cosmic
Queen, don't forget to like this video at the beep. Also don’t forget to let me know in the
comments which club I should make a room for next.