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oh hi there today we're not going to talk about like playing building or any of those stuff today we're going to learn about a the parts of a computer laptop and desktop part so everybody knows this is a monitor a CPU a mouse and a keyboard so now we're gonna talk about CPU parts so this is a motherboard this is a CD room this is an SMPS and this is a fan this is a hardness these are the four main parts of a desktop computer this is this is a processor this has more than 300 pins and this is if you even if one pin broken whole computer broke super expensive this is a run it's kind of like a memory card next this is a motherboard we have both motherboards a normal motherboard and a laptop motherboard laptop motherboard is small but does the same work as the motherboard so processor these two processor is the same size one goes here one goes here then we have the Rams let's draw up the memory the small Ram goes for the laptop the laptop mother board which goes here and the normal Rams are the motherboard those are here so we have to our hard disks a small one and a genuine this one the Dinos this the small hard disk is used for laptops and and this and the big her disk is used for like desktop computers and the third hard disk is called an external our disk you couldn't connect this to any computer office computer home computer any desktop or laptop you can just carry it around everywhere with the cable right here you can take it like everywhere with the table so this is an internal our disk you just have to decide the convenient SMPS this SMPS is used to convert electricity convert 110 volt to 12 volt 5 volt 110 volt goes here 12 volt comes out here and 5 volt comes out here these two are cd-rom this one is for a desktop computer this one is for a laptop and this an external CD room you can carry it along w-wait this is a memory card device you can keep your memory card in here now we're talking about the fans this fan is used for a laptop look how small is let's prepare to a desktop one so this a fan is used for if the processor heats up if you used more time so the fans like hey processor chill out bro and then he just turns on alright just down so this battery is used for a laptop and you may be asking me what about the what about the desktop computers so the desktop computer doesn't have one you only have to get a UPS one so this is a laptop monitor it's a desktop monitor look how small this is compared to the desktop this is a lightweight and easy to carry so we're talking about keyboards now this is a laptop keyboard and this is a the desk W you're talking about Mouse is dragon way you can just use this instead of this or you can plug it in or just hover without this this one is for a laptop and this is for a desktop computer so thank you for watching my video make sure to subscribe hit the bell for more to notify some updates that we make and and leave a like and comment or share