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Support the pledge2build campaign aimed at improving conditions at primary and infant schools in Jamaica. Log on and make your condition today:

have three projects that Holy Family primary infant school would like cooperate remain data to assist us with one we have an issue of see if they're secure as it releases on staircases on to two blocks to have a leak in situation in or greater classrooms where waters at times when it rains heavily canta canta Manila Jakarta funding anxiety and so the past record breaker and it has caused uncomfortableness for our children and three we want to create and learn and grow a playground for infant department but achievement can be stimulated through a and also twelve standard so that I school will be a school of choice up here as a school every safe and secure well will be one of these values if the teacher learning children even if they feel profitable at school and solar will cause an improvement learning process which will in turn spill of into the I think has a more creative minds and the children