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Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1! Intro and Pewter City Gameplay!
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Thanks for watching my Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu Gameplay and Walkthrough! I’m excited to be playing a Pokemon game on the Nintendo Switch! You may have seen a trailer or review, but this playthrough will feature my impressions, reactions, and commentary throughout the full game including the ending! If you’re a fan of the Pokemon series, then let’s play Pokemon Let’s Go! Subscribe to ZackScottGames for new episodes today!

Become the best Pokémon Trainer as you battle other Trainers, Gym Leaders, and the sinister Team Rocket. Catch Pokémon in the wild using a gentle throwing motion with either a Joy-Con controller or a Poké Ball Plus accessory, which will light up, vibrate, and make sounds to bring your adventure to life. You can also use button controls in Handheld Mode. Share your adventure with family or friends using a second Joy-Con or Poké Ball Plus (sold separately). You can even connect to the Pokémon GO app using a compatible smartphone to bring over Pokémon originally discovered in the Kanto region! Explore the vibrant region of Kanto—home to beloved characters like Brock, Misty, and the nefarious trio Jessie, James, and Meowth! Throughout the story, your bond with your partner Pokémon grows stronger as you care for it and travel together. See the world in style by customizing Pikachu and your Trainer with a selection of outfits. True-to-size wild Pokémon roam around in the game—catch them like a real Pokémon Trainer by using timing and a well-placed Poké Ball. Battle and trade with other players who own the game via local wireless or online. Go on a stroll with your favorite Pokémon in your Poké Ball Plus to level them up, and to receive in-game rewards after returning them to the game. Connect to Pokémon GO* to transfer caught Kanto-region Pokémon, including Alolan and Shiny forms, as well as the newly discovered Pokémon, Meltan, from that game to this one!

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Name: Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!
Developer: Game Freak
Publisher: The Pokemon Company, Nintendo
Platforms: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: November 16, 2018

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what's up guys zac Scott here playing Pokemon let's go Pikachu for the Nintendo switch I'm excited to be playing a Pokemon game on a much bigger screen than usual with stunning graphics we are going to have fun thanks to you guys my channel has exploded in popularity lately the first Pokemon game I ever played on my channel was Pokemon X and its first episode has over 4 million views and that's all thanks to you leaving over 35,000 likes I will be thrilled if this video got anywhere close so thanks in advance for any likes and comments you can give me on this video series also thank you for subscribing we just hit three point three million subscribers that's incredible and I cannot thank you guys enough I'll do my best to bring you even more awesome videos just leave a comment letting me know which games made you subscribe and which games do you like to see me play in the future now without further ado let's play Pokemon let's go Pikachu so let's go he came out of a TV I guess we're going into the TV with him okay well I better wake up how are you hello there glad to meet you welcome to the world of Pokemon my name is Oak people affectionately refer to me as the Pokemon professor nice this world is inhabited far and wide by creatures called pokemons and if you want to know how people tend to interact with these pokemons well some people keep him as companions others have them do battle as for myself I study Pokemon as a profession is his job now why don't you tell me about yourself okay well I'm hey my name is what do they look like okay these are just the options that we have you can be male or female and I'm just going to go with the default the one selected first that's me I'm Zach how about a name Zach of course my name is Zach Oh my name my name is Z dog of course my name is Z dog right so your name is Z dog yes that's me Z dog in the house all right all right this boy here is your friend and rival who has grown up right next door to you I don't know I think I would remember that what was his name now I don't know this is a false memory this is implanted in my head I have to name this guy come on don't make me name him looks like a Kevin to me this guy's name is Kevin here we go Kevin it was Kevin was it yes I'm Z dog and my rivals name is Kevin mm-hmm I see his name is Kevin all right good for him Z dog my boy your very own Pokemon tale is about to unfold yes a world of dreams and adventures with pokémon awaits let's go that's right Pokemon let's go it's so bright close your eyes everybody all right oh it's blurry that was a crazy dream I had well I'm real alright what are we gonna do we're gonna move around okay anything to search here need anything to do tell you that my computer surf the web for a little bit there's an email from Kevin oh great hazy dog so here's what you need to know as a trainer press the a button and you can talk to all kinds of people and if you tilt the control stick more you can run plus if you open up the main menu by pressing the X button you can save your progress – boy I can't wait to get started can you Kevin can I have this it's a fluffy Pikachu plush alright so by the way that I wasn't able to use my pro controller unless I overlooked something I'm coming up who is Dorf – named you two up and Adam no it's Kevin okay morning Z dog go what's going on you've got one weird look on your face no you too Kevin I'll never mind that I couldn't wait any longer so I came to get you today's finally the big day we're finally going to get our first Pokemon from Professor Oak and become real trainers oh but before we do you read the email I sent you yesterday right you better have check your computer if you didn't I did and if I hadn't I would just say I did I'm gonna book it to Professor Oak's lab so see you there alright I guess I too will book it as they say Kevin says all right this TV can I read the TV they're showing a movie on TV the scene is showing four boys walking down a set of railroad tracks at stand by me you're watching stand by me but it's time you got going okay watch out for the ghost train dishes and plates are neatly lined up hey mom I think that's my mom yes it's mom mo em off you go to Professor Oak's lab Kevin ask the professor to give the two of you pokemons of your own identity yeah I guess so I wasn't ready for one inside this there's nothing inside all right I don't have to check everything do I beautiful updated graphics it's Pokemon but for the switch we are already in a big big town okay here we go it may not be that big I can't check the mail Z dog's house oh yeah oh yeah name it after me not my mom or my parents pallet town shades of your journey awaits sup girl I'm raising pokemon too when they get strong they'll be able to protect me good for you where is Professor Oak's does he like right next door or something what's up with you dude technology is incredible now you can connect your smartphone to your game console and send data between them yeah that is actually really true and I think that so one reason this game was this time oh c'mon a research lab it looks like right next door to me dude all right here we are this place is looks looks small on the outside but it's huge on the inside I also study Pokemon as Professor Oak's assistant good for you professor oak may not look like much but he's the authority on Pokemon many Pokemon trainers think highly of him I do too by the way I also study Pokemon as Professor Oak's assistant okay Kevin what are you doing over here dude I can't I'm using like just the red side like one of the individual controllers here I wish you'd let me use a pro controller but no Ozzy dime Professor Oak isn't here do you think those pokeballs hold the Pokemon you and I supposed to get I have no idea I can't wait to get mine I don't know I don't think we should mess with him listen here's like six over here let's grab these instead there are pokeballs in a mysterious machine ooh spooky can I read Professor Oak's email there's an email from Professor Oak the Pokemon League at the indigo plateau is full of Pokemon trainers who have raised strong Pokemon to challenge and battle the elite for the ultimate trainers Professor Oak please visit visit us again Pokemon League HQ what are these signs saved to scribbles press the X button opens the main menu got it to record your adventure select save be sure to save often all right it's a Pokeball it contains a Pokemon yeah it does okay well great should I leave I'm gonna leave maybe Professor Oak will show up if I if I start bailing this little show up he'll be like ah sorry I'm late probably I don't know but maybe not we're okay well what the heck uh okay hold on I don't know where Professor Oak is hey what's up oh hi is he dog looking for Kevin he went to pick you up did you miss each other and he said that he was going to go to Professor Oak's lab with you no I got him can I read Kevin's email was just a picture of little keV keV it's a picture of Kevin all right you only got one story to your house we got a two-story house we're rich all right where we going it looks like you have a two-story house I didn't get up there okay oh there's professor oak he's talking to the birds I don't know if I want to mess them well my good Pidgey thanks for the help all right Thank You Pidgey I think I understand you all a bit better now thanks to this ah if it isn't Zee dog hi professor oh of course I promise to give you and Kevin your Pokemon today didn't I well in that case why don't we head over to hmm well what's this it's a Pikachu it's a Pikachu indeed don't look at me he looked at me what do I do oh you encountered a wild Pikachu my my I surely wouldn't have expected the Pikachu to appear around here but since the opportunity has presented itself why don't we practice some pokemon catching you just have to throw out your pokeball and try to land it on a wild pokemon for the chance to catch it hold your jokey-joke on horizontally pointed straight of the screen okay press a to pick up the pokeball get ready you can throw the pokeball by waving your joy Kon don't forget your surroundings okay yeah what'd I miss keep an eye on the Rings did you throw your pokeball and watch out some pokemons move what do I do got him nice I think I did it right is he in there oh he's in there he's locked in oh right you've got a Pikachu good for me right absolutely okay I'm happy so uh that was a pretty fine performance for a first-timer my boy why don't you pick up that pokeball and give the pick at you you caught a name okay yeah I got it whoa what in duh now that's a lively pokemon if I've ever seen one oh hey wait come back word up where did he go I've not had this happen before wait there are three there now what happened did it arrive here Professor Oak those pokéballs there I swear there were only two a second ago but now there are three a perfectly reasonable reaction my boy you see one of them is a Pikachu that Zee dog caught just now so wait Zee dog you caught it yourself well I've never seen that happen before Oh ho-ho how interesting he's Santa now well my boy this is it take that pokeball and keep good hold of it this time all right I'll do my best it was the middle one right it's a shell game Wow okay I'm petting him he broke out of his uh I'm shocked heaven shocked oka shocked did I forget to wash my hands oh right pika pika Pikachu became your Pokemon great hmm what a strange pokemon indeed it sure doesn't seem to like staying in one place but it looks as though it's taken a shine to you see dog why don't I give it a name yeah why not yes yes indeed this is clearly P dog all right P dog he's been added to my party excellent all right professor I choose this one Kevin got an even Professor Oak all right see you guys okay I'm off and I'll take this third one no I won't okay fine it's really cute Eevee is just what I wanted for a new trainer to catch their first pokemon themselves even I've never seen such a thing yeah Kevin take that Kevin all right peace I'm out oh just one more thing now that you two are setting out as trainers I'd like to ask your help with something take this with you on your journeys okay what do you what are you getting what are you doing what does that thing professor this is the Pokedex that I've designed it automatically records data on pokemons you've seen or caught and it makes an entry for each it's an extremely high-tech tool z dog and Kevin I want you each to take one with you all right you got a pokedex from Professor Oak thank you you'll find you can't get very detailed data on Pokemon just by seeing them you must catch a Pokemon together the most complete data to make a complete guide to all the pokémon in the world which by the way I won't do that was my dream but I'm an old man now see he hasn't even done it so you can expect me to do it too old to get the job done myself that's why I want you young trainers to fulfill my dream for me nope Kevin's we have to do the heavy lifting there get moving you too this is a great undertaking in Pokemon history a pokedex huh we're gonna meet so many Pokemon this keeps getting better and better I'm setting out right now z dog you should do the same if you think you're ready that is don't Tommy Kevin all right we are here we go I wonder if oh hey hey ma'am oh it's mom oh how cute this is the one you got for the professor what you caught it yourself that's amazing yeah you should have seen it Kevin couldn't even do it what should I call your new friend p-dog it's a lovely Pokemon Pikachu my how energetic I suppose that means you two will be setting off on an adventure today right I thought this day might come soon so I planned ahead and got this for you you've got a town map from you put the town map in your bag by using that town map in your bag you'll always know exactly where you are safe travels dear you and p-dog be good to each other alright I can attempt to be good to p-dog so long that pea dog is good to me there he is right there so now where to how do i chop down the bush nothing I guess what I got a poke I got a Pokemon technology's incredible yeah I know I know but I don't do that I'm ready yeah I guess what I have my own pokemon now as well so did we go up here I think so oh geez what the heck here we go oh no oh no you encountered a Wilder attack da get ready what do you want me to do get ready got him now don't run away from me locked and loaded please all right got another one all right great I'll add that to my party I got on my first throw now I like I like how that's pixelated still ratandas data will be added to the Pokedex all right great check motion what does that mean what okay okay cool now is this is this someone that I want in my party I don't know I don't think so next all right great all right cool route one heck yes that's Route one whoa whoa whoa whoa holy cow let's go up here what's up my dude see those ledges along the road it's a bit scary but you can hop down from then you'll get back to Pallet Town quicker that way super scary dude now do I actually want to capture anything else I don't know maybe but also maybe I kind of wanted to go forth I don't know what I want that's the thing let's go maybe I'll go capture this dude hey hey come here yeah do I ever okay a wild oddish do you just attack me with that nice all right I don't know I mean like I'm used to kind of assembling my party you know but I mean I I don't know I don't know if this is I mean I don't know here we go leveled up p-dog that's nice level six all right Peter to level six and learn quick attack that's great good job and sure here's a autist shirt it may be mistaken for a clump of weeds if you try to yank it out of the ground it shrieks horribly it's a grass and poison type okay excellent well let's let's just keep going then I don't know if it might want me to actually capture a whole group of pokemons which is why it's presented me here with all of these let's go get a bird bird a flying-type all right hello a wild Pidgey I'm ready what I got him okay I thought he dodged I can't believe I got him you can't fly away from me Pidgey all right piggy has been caught oh wow and ratata leveled up as well all right it's a flying and what I missed it I'm sorry the skips I skipped too fast all right it's okay it's okay so you know I know I don't want another one let me just try to get through no no don't touch me don't touch me now help help okay there's a ratata bit let me see can I skip them all super well yes so you've got a pretty sweet Pokemon with you I'll bring along my favorite Pokemon later so you'd better battle with me when I do all right maybe well no I didn't mean to jump there all right that's okay now we got to get through a horde of birds in a rat no no no no oh now so what okay can I just faint these guys like it's all just catching runaway yeah I'm done I'm done I got away safely good all right don't touch me ah Viridian City excellent trainer tips if you run out of pokeballs you can buy more at a poky Mart great Hey I go shopping in pewter City occasionally I have to take the winding trail in Viridian Forest when I go okay well that's what I would do too if I had to go there because it might be one of the only ways she looks like she's catching insects or something up there okay a dead end hey it's an old northernlion uh-huh so you're working on a pokedex then I'll give you a piece of advice you'll do well to stock up on pokeballs in a pokeymon before you continue your adventure would I now do I am I'm really trying to get them all look up there look up there exciting right those pokeballs you've got your Pokemon don't you it's great that you can carry and use your Pokemon anytime anywhere yeah technology man it looks like this tree can be shot chopped down I'll chop it down I'll chop a dam in how do I chop it down pokedex hey let's save they wanted us to save right all right this is good save your progress easy all right so uh pokedex do I have anything can I choose some abilities here what do I not not the Pokedex I probably look at my party that's right sorry party do you does anyone have a chop ability you don't do you how do you do this I like I could change the name I only elevates oh here we go very finicky all right well we're good I you know I don't expect anyway we'll figure it out soon later sometime I don't know when but we'll get it don't worry let's go in here that would know let's talk to the people first what's up did you know there are actually two kinds of caterpillar Pokemon No Caterpie has no poison but wheedle does watch that your pokémon aren't hit with we Dalls poison sting okay thanks for the advice and then what's up here huh oh wow hello man the machine is undergoing maintenance please come back later and talk to this guy whoa Chauncey there's a pokemon center in every town ahead they charged no money so don't be shy about healing your Pokemon oh no socialism has taken over no okay have you battled a trainer if your Pokemon speed stat is higher than the opposing Pokemon speed stat you'll attack first okay cool if you catch a lot of pokemons they'll be tucked away in a Pokemon box you have a Pokemon box in your bag too don't you please feel free to read any of the books on the magazine rack in the corner the receptionist told me so it's so kind of her okay well then let's uh I'm gonna read them all right now there's a magazine called Pokemon journal there's a flashy advertisement on the back cover will you read it oh they just want me to read the ads if you use what are called secret techniques you can chop trees open paths light up dark places and so on they are sure to be very useful do you want to learn secret techniques yeah don't you want to learn secret techniques now – yes the cantos secret technique Association yes I do let's read let's learn them it's reading die I want to know but who knows if I will know I may never know now I'll know what's up here whoa what's dude wait wine Oh what yeah I really don't know what is the 2-player thing in the corner the lower-right or whatever I have no idea hey you came up from Pallet Town you must know Professor Oak right I've got a delivery for him but I really can't leave the PokeMart unattended right now can I get you to take this fruit to Professor Oak for me I got the parcel from the pokey Mart clerk okay great you put the parcel in your bag thanks kids say hi to Professor Oak for me too all right do you want to head straight back to the lab no I'll be there soon what's in here I've got to buy some potions you never know when your Pokemon will need quick healing welcome may I help you I'm here to say no thanks I don't want to buy anything right now what are you buying gonna help me shoplift something this shop does good business and paralyze heals I've heard all right great I'll keep that in mind next time one of my pokemon is paralyzed I'll come exactly to this shop right here what's up yo there kid from Pallet Town man word gets around here huh he knew all right what's this I was at school finally I can learn something oh I did mean to leave but what does the school say let's read the sign out front trainer school get schooled in school all right time to get schooled Zack Z dog I'm going directly to the tee I'm gonna be the teacher's pet okay everyone where can you find information that is useful for trainers that's right in this classroom you can find it on the back board or in books please read bulletin boards for trainer tips in towns and cities to the blackboard list status conditions that can happen to pokemon during battles which topic do you want to read I know none of them what about here in addition to HP pokemon have PP which they use before moves recover PP by resting you're tired Pokemon at a Pokemon Center ok got it alright PP if you walk around with your Pokemon or let them battle they'll grow to love you even more great whoo I'm trying to memorize all my notes and what about you what say you we're studying about the Pokemon types let's see Pikachu is electric type that means it has an advantage against water and flying-type pokémon gotta remember that all right now these two clowns up here there I see them waiting I see him waiting they're blocking me but let's see what happens when I up bro they're not bucket yeah they are blocking morale says meow what do you want you can't pass through here right now we're in the middle of guard duty and it's very important I guess I got to go to Professor Oak then what what are you doing here twerp shoo go pester someone else I guess team Team Rocket doesn't want anyone all right fine let's just head back then shall we got a package for for a professor oak okay I talked to you already so where do we go because I don't want to really encounter any more Pokemon right now did I capture all of them on this on this route how can I find that out there's an oddish there's the ratata they're the birds help help help what was that other thing that's Pikachu okay all right great professor okay I hope that he's in his laboratory let's go see we got a parcel for you buddy what is up y'see dog back so soon how his little Pikachu doing hmm hmm [Laughter] all right he's climbing all over me please don't shock me he might shock me I hope not though oh goodness me Pikachu here seems like it's really come to be a true partner to youzhi dog I think you've got what it takes to become a great pokemon trainer what's that you have something for me you handed the professor as parcel oh so my order arrived thank you for bringing it to me Kevin's here oh great hey Professor Oak it's about my Eevee its moves are willows II doc that's so cool Pikachu just rides on you like that ah and now we have Kevin as well what fine timing I've just been dude I'm just been delivered some very handy items which I think I'll share with the two of you I got some raspberries yeah you put the raspberries in your caching pocket great I've been starving I'll stop you right there son those berries are for Pokemon deed not you they're deadly to humans no when you want to catch a Pokemon try throwing one of those at your target before you take it pokeball in hand you'll find that wild Pokemon will be so happy to have a berry to nibble on that they'll become much easier for you to catch that was close I nearly swallowed one of them right out myself now then you two it's up to you to decide if you want to catch lots of different pokemons or simply focus on training up your favorites my only request is that you have fun either way well I'm having fun making videos so I'm having fun that you guys are here again as a reminder if you want to keep watching this series please subscribe I think you're gonna I think you're gonna love it and also be sure to like this video help this channel grow as for me I want to catch tons of different Pokemon okay that that is your job then Kevin I'm gonna focus on an elite squad but I want to train them up to be strong too yeah all right well you just focus on catching them all and I'll focus on just being me Kevin says wait up come on c-dawg you do know you can do more with pokemons than just catch them right you're if you're a trainer you can have Pokemon battles with other other trainers too I'll show you exactly what I mean it's battle time great Kevin here to mess everything up it's battle time he says you're challenged by pokemon trainer Kevin all right come on Kevin he sent out Eevee Wow go P dog all right here we go fight let's just fight BB's level six let's just go with thundershock here we go P dog use Thunder shock what BAM oh yeah the opposing Eevee use tackle ouch all right well I got some other tricks up my sleeve I can use a way you can actually click these for info growl the user grouse in an endearing way making a posting Pokemon less weight wary this lowers their Attack stat tail if the user wags is tailed cutely making a posing Pokemon less wary and lower their fence and then this quick attack use your lunges at the target at a speed that makes it almost invisible this move always goes first as a power of 40 compared to thundershock also 40 but you know I don't know what do you think let's do the quick attack here we go I go first but I was already going first I believe nice she's using growl oh great okay okay it's okay my attack fell well let's just go for it quick attack again boom growl again man stop growling at me I'm gonna keep attacking you okay my attack fell again let's try a thunder shock again how about that done the opposing Eevee fainted okay perfect well well well I got 32 experience points your party Pokemon also got experience when she beat pokémon trainer Kevin what did I lose and I got 124 winning nice you did lose Kevin hah jeez Derral it mouthing off like I knew everything and then I lost how embarrassing I probably should have trained my Pokemon up a bit before trying to battle like Dan huh let's battle again sometime did you enjoy your first taste of battle young zi dog your partner Pikachu seem to like it alright peace or what do you want to say anything battle against many trainers and help your Pokemon grow strong and keep catching more and more new Pokemon while you're at it – okay I can I can definitely do that there is no reason why I can't all right now where – huh well I guess they'll just go north what's up with you Haizi dog oh hi oh just look at Pikachu you two are already looking like great partners and I've got the perfect little gift for such a great team here take this you got sportswear from your friends big sister you put the sportswear in your clothing trunk try putting that on Pikachu you can go on an adventure and matching clothes oh it seems like that oh what's going on what's going on you want me doing now alright let's let's dress you up b-dawg looks very happy alright partner blunt play with P dog okay yep there you go so weirdly come partners okay play with P dog joy con Zr and pet got it Y button sent to your hand okay let's let's give this a go all right pet am i petting him there you go he's happy all right there you go oh yeah get those nips too all right how about a any of one of these your Pokemon a berry okay take it berry with Zr or the a button and bring it over to P dog's mouth okay if you drop it okay great there you go buddy eat this there you go it's a big berry right boy and then punch him don't slap him yeah that's good you've got enough berries there you go there you go you're happy come on now what don't don't you hit me okay do you want another berry is that the deal all right I'm done it seems like Pikachu wants to play don't forget to show it some love from time to time play a p-dog has been added to the main menu press the X button to go see okay select this option to play whenever I once which is never let's go route was where am I going now I mean maybe that route to open up again do you want to talk to me do you have anything new to say okay no you don't all right well let's uh let's go oh geez I don't really need any more pokemons are you here before thanks for helping me out with a parcel the pokey Mart is a convenient chain selling all sorts of items so please come visit us oh I know I'll give you a sample here you go all right I got a potion thank you and the potion is in my medicine pocket your Pokemon may take damage when you battle of their trainers so be sure to use a potion on them if that happens he's barely hurt he's fine tough love right okay yeah he's there squeeze me Oh trainer's eyes have met I'll battle you with my favorite Pokemon okay I'll use p-dog which I guess is my favorite right now until I get a better one now he's my partner youngster Ronny all right Ronny what you got buddy Rattata be dog all right rat get ready Thunder shot got him whoa oh nice is he paralyzed ha ha I may be unable to move but you're using a tail whip so don't show me your butt he showed me his butt how rude my defense fell cuz I was so insulted here we go again let's do a quick attack he's not paralyzed if he's doing that kind of stuff got him excellent feint it goodbye to you nice level seven all right everything's great oddish grew to level five that's cool and I beat youngster Ronnie you're really strong and I got 64 winning would I get those are they from him are we betting on this and three pokeballs I mean he wagered a lot he'll get that bird away from me and who are you is this Kevin huh you look pretty pleased about something Zee dog huh you beat another trainer good job well since we're on the topic the Pokemon you sent into battle might have lost some HP or PP you should take him to a Pokemon Center and get them healed up it doesn't cost any money and doesn't take long at all either just remember heal up after battles okay I think I'm okay all right uh no we know your story all right let's go up here I would just think there's anyone new well I could go in here III think mine are healed but I mean I guess they probably want me to check this out that's why they mentioned it you guys open yet welcome to the Pokemon Center would you like to rest your Pokemon yes why not it's free right I'll take your pokemon for a few seconds then I don't think they need to rest but I'm just saying maybe I should I like how that the 8-bit that's so cool thanks for waiting your pokemon should be all better now we hope to see you again the pixelated sprites looks super cool in this game and it's a decent throwback to alright well uh where to where to oh they they stopped blocking the path so I can actually continue exploring this town good for me there's an oddish over there I would just look what was there something here no okay all right nothing over here well then we're gonna go up here sup wow your Pokemon is riding on you that's super cute but I think my Pokemon would be a bit too heavy for me that's why I have it walk with me instead oddly check your party the main menu and choose a Pokemon and take it to take out of its Pokeball and it will walk around with you it's just so adorable to see them here let me do it for you okay thanks I don't want this filthy rat walking next to me I'm going to your house alright what's in your trash I'm just going for you through your family's trash that's okay alright coming up with nicknames is fun but it's not so easy to do clever names are nice but simple names are easier to remember you can change your pokemons nickname from the main menu just view your party and choose the Pokemon with the name you want to change understood question so what were they saying with the with the but the party and bringing it out and what return the pokeball take out our pokeballs so I can okay so he's gonna travel alongside of me it's only one so Pikachu's gonna be riding with me and then oddish you know I don't really need these guys to be travelling alongside me so I'm just going to put them all away there we go it's distracting man alright thankfully Pikachu's resting on top of me and there's a bird my daddy loves Pokemon to look good for you and your daddy let's see I don't even know if my character has a daddy seen his mom but this Viridian city Pokemon gym excellent sup dude this Pokemon gym is always close I wonder who the gym leader is alright you you're right Viridian city's pokemon center is closed I don't know how to do this yet I don't have the ability I don't believe and this says what trainer tips okay what is this route to all the way to Pewter City so I mean how do I know if I've caught every I don't have anything to do this oh here's a guy let's catch him are you going oh you encountered a wildcatter pi all right get ready got him stay in there you got to stay in there nice all right you caught a Caterpie good for me right and eleven experience points I'm glad we get experience points for this all right Caterpie his data will be added to the Pokedex if you touch the feeler on top of its head and will release a horrible stink to protect itself gross I got at my party all right no he's fine he's fine okay so here's a shad up here what is this oh hi if your Pokemon uses a move that's the same type as itself the moves power will get a boost all right that's good to know this is a tunnel right are you going to Viridian Forest is a natural maze in there be careful you don't get lost okay I'll try to not get lost ooh the Rhydian forest okay I came here with some friends that catches some bug type pokemons my pals are all itching to get into some Pokemon battles all right I'll let you know what I find that's oh there's a new one right there hold on Oh what's up with you hey do you have a big Pikachu what does that mean is that a euphemism of course I do you're challenged by last johanna all right Rattata I don't know how to say that I think if they say it I'm gonna say P dog though P dogs coming out get ready to fight your level floor I'm level seven thunders shot and you may not be able to move afterwards we'll see almost fainted tackle is gonna tackle me now and I'm gonna do a quick attack just to make sure this goes first boom don't you just love it hi YouTube sixteen experience points alright Pidgey grew to level five Pidgey learn gust and I beat last Johanna oh no really yeah what do you think about that big achoo pretty big right alright but we're gonna continue onwards don't talk to so many things that you know get away from me bird I don't want to talk to a bird but there's a thing over here here we go what are you that's a new one right I like how you can see them instead of a random encounter but it kind of makes it scary to try to dodge this is a wild Weedle alright choose a berry from your bag to use it if I have to I will bag you like berries how about a raspberry all right use this item do I gotta throw it or is it gonna there you go you're gonna love this excellent that's a good one condom and especially with that berry I mean he's gonna love that berry all right you caught a Weedle awesome and people are leveling up like crazy 47 experience points Wow look at all this and like everyone leveled up awesome great was that because they did so well on that capture we don't say they'll be added to the Pokedex beware of the sharp stinger on its head it hides in grass and bushes where it eats leaves all right so I got a full party I don't know let me get off this trail here what the heck what's going on up here oh oh you have a partner pokemons let me get a better look you just want to fight me and in the Pokemon that's with me all right bug catcher Brian is here sitting out Weedle all right well my attack strategy is gonna be about the same I'm going to fight with thundershock it's level three wheedle Oh wipeout got him excellent all right I only got nine experience points because I'm so good huh before I knew it I lost you did you did but I got three pokeballs well that was pretty cool whoa what's why is that like that what are you doing like that what is that it's tiny you encountered a wild why is it so tiny I don't understand all right back let's give you a raspberry there you go why was it so it's not as shiny is it or was it what okay got it now it's not a shiny is it why was it no it's out great so close you almost got it well what about another berry you want another berry how many berries is it gonna take you want one more why is it yellow hey let's use another berry it's still yellow okay we'll get ready I'm ready what this is so hard to do I don't understand all right I'm wasting a lot of balls on this got it please please stay in there I gave you like three berries come on yes all right so is that it's tiny and it confused because it all right everyone leveled up so what's the deal with this yeah keep leveling up that's good but why was that electric what's this deal it's it's just small is that all it was okay next all right cool I got a tiny one okay yeah what was over excuse me what was over here this is a dead end or what I don't know about these tiny ones there's a red thing over there right that's just a Pokeball five pokeballs nice I don't know why I you people would get one is it well there's a red one what does the red one mean what does the red one mean it's huge okay get ready I'm ready it's green so but what is perfect got it excellent again so that so the blue swirls are tiny the red swirls are huge that's good to know of course well there we go I mean everyone's leveling up like crazy p-dog is level 9 and let's learn the move double kick uh let's see forget an old move a double kick is a fighting style let's get rid of let's get rid of tail whip maybe or should I get rid of quick attack let's get rid of tail whip sure forget that move there you go one two and tah dah P dog tail whip and double kick he learned double kick II forgot tail whip alright excellent and okay quick attack and everyone's growing here it's I can't control him they're all growing too much alright so this was just a big one in Excel as you can see he looks about the same okay well that's cool please let me out of here no come on how do i yeah I'm gonna run run away I want to give up catching that Pokemon the heck is that what is this oh I don't have this one I might as well catch it right a wild Metapod all right get ready got it stay in there nope gosh man he hates this all right here we go that's probably wasn't very good I'm gonna stay in all right got him that's fine all right another tiny one right I mean everyone's leveling up like crazy okay you learned acid nice Pidgey learned what Oh you don't learn anything okay and then this is what weed elizy volleying awesome good job wheedle here we go oh-ho creepy looking looks like an alien now all right he evolved into kikuna all right nice cocoon is a date I'll be added to the Pokedex are able to move only slightly when endangered it may stick out its stinger and poison its enemy okay maybe it'll turn into a beautiful butterfly learn hardened good for you all right and then this is a metapod part of its shell to protect itself however a large impact may cause it to pop out of its shell yuck then that would be gross get away from me guys come on I think I got I mean I don't know I don't have a huge desire to catch all pokemons another another small big big I don't know what's this way what's this way excuse me that's a big big version of what why just happened what I just what it just evolved I got a tiny mushroom okay gosh guys no all right I'm just gonna go ahead and run away all right I hope I'm doing the right thing by running away I mean I don't really I don't really gosh back that back all right get out of here run away okay I think I'm okay I don't want to get too Opie you know and everything there's like a just a wall of Pokemon how do I get to the other side I don't even I'm gonna try and weave I did it haha and others another set whoa no no no bird Britnie he got me piggy I'm running away I'm running away from you okay here's a ball right there antidote all right awesome what was that oh it's one of those okay Metapod does that sound scared me hey what's up I came here with some friends to catch some bug type Pokemon my pals are wait did I just go to full circle oh good okay I wonder if I can get by Oh nope you saw me all right hey you have Pokemon right come on let's battle them all right but mine's only mines pretty powerful I've been leveling mine up I went in like a full circle and just like level might have a bunch bug catcher Rick from The Walking Dead now alright Caterpie what level is that p-dog is like super powerful what level are you three okay got it let's do my new move double kick and then here we go one oh that's not very very powerful against them not very effective okay I guess the fighting type doesn't go against what was it but I don't know I have a chart that I like to use when I play pokemon games so I will take a look at that quick attack so we're gonna faint him no there you go I don't quite remember all of the you know the synergies and it what not between all the types all right Caterpie can't hack it if you say so I went in like a full circle not meaning to uh sure Oh although in raspberries hold on can I get this hey no no I want this butterfly hey where is this butterfly hey come here ha ha what's his name a wild Butterfree alright here we go I'm gonna have to give it some berries or something I don't think he's appreciative is it gonna make it slightly easier to capture him oh great now he's moving that makes it so much easier another one maybe what do you think how is that easier to catch him I don't know if giving a multiply haven't seen any proof that giving in multiples fixes this let's see them one more if this doesn't work then I'm just gonna try to throw the ball at him yeah I don't know about this here get ready back stay in there please pretty please stay in there no alright so close you almost got it here we go well I'm just gonna do it again don't worry about it that was good right I was hoping to get tired from fluttering back and forth come on stay in there all right get ready I'm gonna do it again what are you doing stop it what why are you doing that that was like perfect come on stay in there please No okay I don't get it I'm gonna do it again what he moved not my fault come on that's good right these things are actually hard to capture what what a shame how okay raspberry come on use this item come on there's a berry for you I really don't understand raspberry come on I given him like five berries now I don't even think this I don't even think it matters how many berries it's so weird I think it's just one just one will do good maybe now probably that probably doesn't keep him right that could have been better okay gosh this is so crazy yeah I mean that's a good one right how long do I get her like come on what okay hold on bag no oh I did help so give them the raspberry use this item I don't think that I think it's one at a time okay so yeah now we get ready what are you wearing away are you took all my berries okay well you know I man I don't know I don't really need him but still I felt that that should have been a little easier what the heck so I think I think what I figured out is that you give him one hey what's up dude I was throwing pokeballs to catch pokemon and I ran out of them that's why you can never have too many pokeballs so true uh let's go over here like I said my goal is not to catch them all I wish I would have caught him though hey do you know if bubbles are up here in this forest I don't I have no clue how would I know last Brittany its Brittany guys well who is this yikes p-dog let's do it fight with Thunder shock you ready hula BAM almost fainted oh he's paralyzed maybe she alright now I get to just kind of do a quick attack and all will be good gotcha goodbye all right well that's pretty awesome could you listen to what I had to say please what what do you have to say what's wrong what's up I heard from a friend that they saw up Bob Lazar around here it wasn't registered in their pokedex though I wonder if it was true I don't know how would I know but there's the butterfly again I'm coming for you oh there is a bob lazar right there all right hey while Butterfree alright so I think you could just use one use this item and then use it and then look now it right below the cp24 there is a berry so what was that all right get ready that was right on the money come on Wow what the heck was that what I don't really understand how some of these work that was good right come on tell me that was good tell me you're gonna stay in nose I don't understand how come I'm not capturing these bag raspberry use the item use it all right get ready all right I'm ready that was so close I don't understand we come ha dude excellent stay in there please I did it perfect just stay in there please just lock it in yes yes butter Frese been captured all right man man and everyone got a ton of xp for that pee dog is 10 now oh my goodness excellent wonderful to me look at all this look at all this I know it's crazy all right and then what's gonna happen with okay the other cat Enterprise you evolving as well is there any way I guess you can maybe cancel and evolve maybe I think you couldn't creep in different versions for like the 3ds but all right Metapod harden it's already kinda Metapod okay oh right butter Frese data will be added to the Pokedex its wings covered with poisonous powder repelled water this allows it to fly in the rain it's a bug flying type awesome well there's a Bulbasaur right next to him so hello the rumor was true hey buddy alright a wild Bulbasaur let's just I'll use a raspberry why not there you go use it and now he has a you know that below his name excellent come on Balthasar stay in there lock it in what it was excellent come on how come alright not wasting more berries on you all right stop it what's all right another excellent just stay in there Bubba's are yes locked and loaded I wonder if the Pokedex would tell me like all the like who all is on a route all right let's let's move on we got Bo bazaar it can go for days without eating a single morsel in the bulb on its back it stores energy all right tuck them away excellent I'll probably include him in my main party eventually let's get out of here what's up you want to fight me too this is a big forest isn't it yo you can't Punk out on a battle if you're a real pokemon trainer I'm a real trainer I just don't like ponen the kids all right bug catch your dog all right hakuna is out looks like an alien for real all right we'll get ready I don't remember what's gonna be good is this lightning gonna be good against this electricity good I don't remember it's oh really good actually but using harden that's fine it's defense rose it's fine we're probably going to cut right through the defense with a quick attack awesome gotcha super cool I am happy with that oh right huh I've got no other pokémon to battle with well there's plenty here to capture so just just capture them that's what I did right I am curious if there's anything over here but I also don't want to run into anything that I don't want to do am I going in another's this this place is so hey what's up do you what do you want to fight do you want to know the trick for throwing a pokeball well yes yes I do I feel like sometimes I don't do it right and I don't know why but Jocelyn is here to challenge me with a Pidgey here we go let's do this fight double kicked this flying work I don't know let's try it boom oh yeah nice a critical hit so what's your advice all right your battle was right on target all right so do you have advice for me for throwing this these things cuz I could use it throw a Pokeball to hit the center you know the sitter those two rings right all right that doesn't teach me anything new I don't want anything to do with these guys where the heck am i this is like a maze okay hey wait up what's the hurry why the rush I'm not in that much of a hurry I guess I'm just having fun making videos bug catcher Sammy all right sitting out in bed a pod all right Pete dog is coming out right now fight him right double kick boom oh no it's weak against bugs isn't it okay well sorry he's using tackle ouch barely hit me let's go ahead it's just quick attack Chatham all right all right I give you're good at this I am pretty good at this all right well we I'm gonna appear what's this finally what is this pewter City ahead okay listen to be in pewter City hello you remind me of Kevin the higher ed pokemon CP is the higher its combat power is at your CP is a value made up of various stats and things combined have you noticed the skinny trees on the roadside they can be chopped down with a secret technique called chop down I hear yeah well that makes sense it's all in the name alright well we are now we're still not quite there but we're almost there hopefully I don't get over there it's pewter city guys Kevin's here hey nice I was hoping we run into each other alright you know there's a pokemon gym up this way right z dog you can battle against a gym leader there and he's seriously strong if you want to get stronger you've definitely got to try to take him on huh jeez P dog you're ready for a good battle too huh who would it be alright then you're making me want to cheer you guys on too so take these five potions from Kevin all right thanks Kevin I bought some for you with the prize money I've been earning in all my battles beat that gym leader Z dog and you can really call yourself a true trainer give it your best all right that sounds fun what is this hey lady you should be careful with your money don't go blowing it all in one place but it's also fun sometimes to buy a whole bunch of pokéballs at once haha what's in here visit your house Nidoran sit and what's up with you we got our pokemon in a trade so it's finicky and hard to handle pokemons that you get from trades grow faster but they won't listen to a weak trainer in battle if only we had some gym badges well I might be able to pick one up a gym badge today maybe right well uh what's over here hey dude there aren't many serious pokemon trainers here in pewter city they're all bug catchers and the like you know just hobbyists but Brock at the Pewter City Gym isn't like that not one bit what does he like what is Brock like and hello I'm gonna arrest my pokemon probably I would like to rest them yes I'll take your pokemon for a few seconds then put them all in they are exhausted well maybe maybe maybe Pikachu P dog is a little maybe I don't know thanks for waiting all right thank you so much all right well uh what's going on I'm treading Pokemon with a girl next to me I had two Pikachu so I figured I might as well trade one what's up with you the pewter city's specialty pewter crunchies they're 5 hundo limited 1 package per day though oh sure I'll take sure why not what does it do thanks they're very hard to be careful I got a bag of pewter crunchies what did they do oh they're medicine ok whatever I really want to Pikachu so I'm trading my but your what your Clefairy for one and then over here sup the Pewter City Gym Leader Brock is a rock-type pokémon user rock-type pokémon are weak to grass and water type moves if you don't pay attention to the type matchups you can't defeat the gym leader alright so rockin grass-type moves what Team Rocket is that Mountain moon huh I'm on the phone scram so how do I rearrange my roster here party uh let's see move Pokemon I don't really want Pidgey or I don't want anyone here really uh but I need someone hold on let's let's open up the Pokemon box so rocking water let's see um hold on check summary bug grass do you say grass and water what were they saying uh I'll listen to them again home I don't have any water types all right let's go back what did you what did you say to me let's go back again back again just get out of here Rock type we to oak grass and water okay great easy so all I do now is I go in I look at my bag and then Pokemon box and then so anyone who is a let's see how do i how do I view these check summary so we're talking about bringing in sure oddish oddish and Bulbasaur so we basically just want to move Bulbasaur in here right and to get rid of maybe this dude kikuna I don't know so go ahead and move him and move from Party excellent and Bulbasaur is coming into the party there we go nice awesome okay and we have oddish and Bulbasaur who can do some attacks well there we go so what's gonna happen here let's go down excellent should I try to just do the gym today like just all in one I don't know what's up do you know what I'm doing uh no I'm spring lore around to get wild pokemon to come visit my flower beds do you know what I'm doing no no no I repelled to keep while Pokemon out of my flower beds alright that's pretty funny and then what say you oh you're a trainer right Brock's looking for new challengers follow me okay well I can definitely do that I'm here if you think you've got the right stuff you should take on Brock I got the right stuff I'm going in all right here we go everyone's ready for this right hi yeah you're here to challenge the gym aren't you I'm not a trainer but I can tell if you're worthy of challenging the gym leader now let's get started the pewters excuse me the Pewter City Gym only allows trainers who know type matchups to enter there are a few types to have an advantage against the gym leaders rock-type pokémon but for trainers who have never challenged a gym before we have them using the grass or water type Pokemon you have to show me a grass or water type Pokemon if you want to face the gym leader got it oddish is good he's jumping high great that pokemon is exactly what i wanted to see head-on in a name to become a pokemon champion all right I will do these statutes anything pewter City Pokemon gym Gym Leader Brock certified trainers Kevin Kevin's so now here's a question party can I move to my number once loosely move and then move Pokemon and we're gonna swap them out for oddish that makes sense to me all right and now oddish is gonna be in the lead this is the Pewter City Gym trainers here are a bit different from those you face so far I don't know about that I don't know anything about that you're a challenge like picnic your Amarra alright geodude's coming out he looks mean come on artists you got this here we go odd it's what you gonna do you were going to fight and you were going to use oh wait absorb it does that is that an attack it is good excellent that's actually really good because it actually makes me okay great take this take this oh gosh haha super effective you're gone dude all right excellent oddish oh you're quite different from the challenges I faced yeah cuz Kevin's been here right I'm Way better than him alright and then you coming up behind you boo stop right there kid you're ten thousand light-years from facing Brock I don't know about that I have I don't think I don't think I am but if you say so camper Liam alright geodude's coming out look at him flex go on it's go alright here we go fight I'm gonna do the same exact thing absorb come on now I might hit level 10 before nice geo toot has just gone super effective sorry buddy alright 35 experience points it's awesome and he's now level 10 excellent speed went up a little bit and there you go oops light years isn't time it measures distance true yeah well brocco buddy what's up I'm here I'm here to face you so you're here I'm Brock pewter city's gym leader you can see just by looking at my Pokemon how rock-hard my willpower is my Pokemon are all hard as rock and have true grit determination that's right my Pokemon are all rock types whoo ha ha ha you're going to challenge me even knowing that you'll lose huh that's what a trainers honor demands so be it show me your best that's my best Brock voice all right Gym Leader Brock you can't be here to Pokemon I got several but I'm gonna be fine you got a Geodude right now looks like a meatball with hands a very very old meat Paul he's level 11 I'm still gonna try absorb I'm level 10 let's see if it hits him in one hit still Oh Geodude is gone take that Brock Brock likes rock that's why his name is Brock B rock is what I would name him be – rock all right P dog drew that's good bob lazar who might be b dog drew onyx I'm not gonna keep battling onyx is coming out whoa that's big absorb absorb a rock throw don't kill me I'm fine absorb I'm gonna heal though that's great Oh one hit super effective man that is a big pokemons goodbye nice ah dishes growing level 11 wonderful special defense is up all right piggies level 10 Metapod is level 8 bubbles are level 5 bubbles I learned vine whip bubble soccer – level 6 alright Gym Leader Brock it seems I underestimated you or I got a ton of money for winning almost 2000 all right that's proof of your victory take an official Pokemon League badge a boulder badge alright thanks Brock high-five Pikachu boulder badge but with a boulder badge pokemons up to level 20 from other trainers will listen to you without question oh and wait take this with you – I got a tee mo one headbutt from Brock and that's my TM case if you used a TM or technical machine you can teach your Pokemon to move within it a team can be used as many times as you like so use it on any Pokemon e1t mo one contains headbutt it deals damage to your opponent's Pokemon by ramming them with the head as hard as rock alright well that was great there are all kinds of people in this huge world of ours some have their Pokemon battle some just like to raise him I'm hard at work here to learn how to become a Pokemon breeder who helps raise Pokemon you're aiming to become a strong trainer right they used to challenge all the other gyms alright that's my plan I am now out here a champion didn't Kevin's waiting for me outside hey you there newbie don't tell me you gotta be Zee dog right I am that's amazing ha I knew it I'm always right I'm blue I heard from my gramps it the two new kids set out from Pallet Town to become trainers just like I did once so I came to check you out I was thinking you might want some advice on how to beat the gym from an expert trainer like me but looks like I showed up too late huh it seems you're not too shabby yourself so I guess you've earned a reward newbie five great balls from blue you can put the great balls in your catching pocket those will be even better for catching pokémon than plain old pokeballs and hey that thing you've got there that's a pokedex right so Gramps finally wouldn't made one he used to make me just scribble on a map with a pencil about where I encountered Pokemon you better do a good job helping him out he may be professor up to you and sure he's an old coot but he's still my gramps smell you later newbie okay let's see ya smell you later newbie well we've had an exciting adventure today come back next episode we'll continue exploring this town and furthermore we are going to probably explore outside of the town now that I beat one gym I don't know if we're gonna get to it another gym next episode or what but I had a great time thank you for watching thank you for subscribing see you next time for more good bye I'm Zack Scott subscribe if you have not if you liked this video and want to help this channel grow all you got to do is click the like button below thank you so much for watching check out these other awesome videos follow me on Twitter and Instagram join my discord and if you want cool shirts like this visit Zack Scott dot shop