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Skype helps bridge the distance between a school in Auckland, New Zealand and one in Los Altos, California. Students get a global education with Skype in the classroom.

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when this cop told the class that we were doing a Skype call to a classroom in New Zealand everyone jumped out of their seats and they're like screaming I was like really excited because we could learn a lot and not only people doing but we would teach other people too we can Skype with California today we can Skype with Brazil tomorrow and Skype in the classroom allows us to do that all you have to do is press a button in their time zone they're actually so much ahead of us that a day ahead of us today it's Wednesday for them but it's Tuesday for us and it's definitely talking to people in the future because her far into the early life than us everyone breathes the Skype in the classroom today was a way for the kids to have a virtual field trip to get outside of our classroom outside of our city and across the world okay cool hey guys so if you guys are ready we'll start with the national anthem first here we go I love that they sang their national anthem at the beginning I thought that was just really welcoming and just right away gave us a sense that they had pride in their country they seen it in English and they seen it in a Maori which is their native language it's like you're in the same room with them because you can see them you can see how they're reacting and like how they did the same things that we did would you like to see an earthquake drill here we'll pretend that an earthquake is happening let me show you them how to do the drop cover hold they seem to like that we study earthquakes on 4th grade so that went right along with what we've been learning that's pretty much the exact same thing that we do here I liked how they were on TV like their presences like movie stunts they were acting like us so they felt like our friends what do you like to do in your spare time a bunch of jumping ok it's such a useful tool in terms of keeping our classroom their more worldly kids are growing up in this digital age as education we're constantly trying to find tools for them to engage them excite them and make those connections to the outside world this croc always wants to bring technology to us and it's fun to like have a teacher learning with you thank you for skyping with us it was very interesting to learn about your country and we hope we can connect soon