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As an activity for reading month, the Soufriere Infant School organized a visit to Gros Piton Nature Trail / Au Poye Park where the kids were educated on the history of the Park and the area then listened to a story to close off the day.

[Applause] this community is called for jelly box it's French name in English it means value of the three people okay so when you come here to do a saw so begin the talk you will go down to the office we'll make the payment everybody come in here well so kinda people they have to see we do have a writ for locals and for children like you guys but you will not say today because we treat in your because it's really modest to go in to treat y'all we will walk you all to a park called upper year and that's good I'm happy to see that it looks like only one person is excited I want everybody to be happy because we're going to have a fun day right is an imitation of the community of Waterloo and the group adonijah tree over here so your panties on little housing it is how represent the houses that import early we have about certified housing with a population of about a hundred and fifty people and we have this right here this right here which is well past to get to fortunate right this one here is the path from the entrance to this building where is running right now this building is the building where we're standing right now where we are currently from this building about 20 to 25 minutes of walking will take a use of oil pop yes avoid parties where they will be going to actually bring another five minutes from up way past five minutes of walking will take us to this new rock which is called what in the name yes whatever you need okay and the title of the book is you will arise oh my goodness okay so you're ready boo okay so tell me what the honk is about it's a bomb our time on it uh-huh baby side I can recycle homicide I love a disguise good why it doesn't rattle around baby Diana dies mommy kind of Bonnie Saigon okay so I'm going to read it to you and then I'm going to ask you a few questions I had no reason I had century okay you already divided Little Saigon was very happy being an only cycle so when we meet by the fence there's going to be a new baby you have a little brother or a little sister because I can answer that's a good point but your baby and I think the way they are little spider thought that if it is on psychology behind so you are very upset when one Patience's the new babies will be here soon because I just am peaceful I thought once a new baby he shouted and off he ran and for the jungle to find his strength when he called a little arrogant but soon it is me because anyone didn't want to explain I'm sketching my big brother how to was water 5th trumpet will come an arrogant trumpet