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Davon Miller’s fictional character Mr. Tickety-Toc Clock was inspired simply by boredom, he said. His books are now in several local elementary schools.


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dr. Seuss wrote his first children's book in his younger 30s but who says you got to be a certain age to start writing am i right well this morning I like to introduce you to 17 year-old Devon Miller now he's written not one but four children's books now he attends Lakewood High and st. Pete and I stopped by so he can show me some of the books some of his books that he wrote and illustrated what inspired you to write this book specifically in this book it all started back in middle school I was looking at the clock because you know I was just bored I want to go home and you know I've always just loved to read and write and all of a sudden you know I looked at by the clock dumby an interesting idea for a story you know and just mr. tickety talk club just came up to me I started this when I was very little I was at age 11 when I first published my book and now here I am in high school my last book just came out last year when I was a junior sophomore something like that my books are now gonna be in across 78 elementary schools across Pinellas County they're all different types of stories they're all educational based on helping others they get to learn about the library it's learning about different states across the United States but it's all about connecting with this character and how he can inspire others to love to read and write as well okay so Rita's one of your favorite lines in this entire book oh man there's so many great ones at the end of the last one he's like are you a book called mr. dad mr. tickity-tock loggy said no son I just love to read and that's the most inspiring thing yeah that's so cool like you don't even have to read it not like read it you don't even have to read it nope this could be a cartoon or something like that I recently I just got a superior from Pinellas County thespians so now I have to go to States and perform on a big stage in Tampa so I do see this taking 4 and I can come this along with me cartoon more stuff to inspire kids and I'm just going to all these different places and inspiring these children like they love to read whenever they see this character alright well if you want to meet the Devon and check out some of his books he will be at Barnes & Noble on Tyrone Boulevard on Saturday and st. Pete for a book signing and reading it will be there from 11 a.m. till 2