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We brought some of the best (and worst) video game foods to life irl so that we can taste these nasty video game foods with Jacksepticeye. GMM #1376

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today we foods from video games let's talk about that good mythical morning good mythical welcome to our guest today Sean William Buckland best known as jacksepticeye will come Sean to the show oh thanks guys last name correctly you did everyone thinks it's your last no everything everyone thinks we have the same last name my name is bastardized McLaughlin is like Laughlin III apologize for it on regular basis no no it's not your fault don't worry about it no but you you got it McLaughlin we're gonna hit hey here's the thing Sean at this very desk we have happily consumed pig anuses bull penises and turkey balls not to happy but I'm sorry we will not be making you eat any animal genitalia to draw damn it we will be making you eat your expertise they're gonna say you'll be eating your genitalia no we're gonna be making you eat food that exists inside of video games yes okay you know about those right kind of okay not very good at them so with the help of mythical chef Josh we've taken some iconic video game foods turn them from virtual reality into reality reality it's time for real fake food video game edition now making foods from video games is something that's been done online a lot including by our friends iJustine feast of fiction and Rosanna pansino just to name a few but the way they do it is not the way we do it here our goal is to make the food as true to how it exists inside the video game as possible in other words this is gonna get nasty yeah but we're gonna ease anything starting with slurp juice from fortnight's okay Sean I'm only vaguely familiar with fortnight fortnight fortnight because I was I was memed saying that word a lot but other than that give us the details of this slurp juice okay so slurp juice you find it in you find it anywhere you can find it in llama as if you want you take it to increase your health but it also increases your shield at the same time of course it does if you have full health you gives you 75 shield if you have full shield gives you 75 health and it's blue yeah well it's bluish greenish color I want to see how accurate you guys have made it did you did you get it on the tee oh and you can you can kill somebody and take it as David did in this footage here believe it or not I had I hope gulp I'd have done that I have killed somebody and taking their slurp use but when they started putting it in llamas is when I that's when I exited the game that was your heart I was like nope – not in my fortnight all right we got some here okay does it look oh god it's freezing is it a how it's called in the game – no I didn't I didn't think in the game it would be cold well you're not wearing the haptic gloves that's true okay I'm gonna tell you guys what's in here and then you can decide whether about you want to drink it the base is blue Gatorade and then we added fresh that's what a lot of people do they just drink blue Gatorade and stay there drinking slurp juicier than that we add crushed up vitamins protein powder some energy drink and then crushed up blue tums so this is actually just good for us yeah right we should be drinking this be my morning cleanser oh gosh so we're going to take it cheers boys Cheers and sink it I like it you like it I like it is your shield going up it is on the shield yeah my immune system is soaring right now but yeah if you were to drink this in the way that happens in the game would you just turn it up and no that's a trip to the bathroom yeah gonna do that it's very tums forward and that's a bad thing chalky comes forward is something I've always been about and goodbye heartburn I want this at Starbucks they probably would do it and that's probably the best thing we're gonna be putting in our mouths all day yeah that's why I'm downing this now next up for portal we eat cake so the gamers on our crew told us that the cake from Portal is one of the most well known videogame foods out there but Sean please elaborate on that okay so the cake from Portal is introduced early on by the robot who wants to kill you and everywhere in the game they keep saying that the cake is a lie as you go around there's you've heard that yeah you seem to me but it's not a lie because at some point GLaDOS comes out and she gives you the ingredients on how to make said cake so let's take a little small sampling of some of these ingredients shall we yes yes 1 and 2/3 cups granulated sugar 2 cups all-purpose flour don't forget garnishes such as fish shaped crackers fish shaped candies fish shaped solid waste fish shaped dirt fish shaped ethylbenzene pull and peel licorice fish shaped pop she's very fond of fish shaped things and she's got a sing-songy voice which is very it's like we have a friend who can do a robot impersonation like an actual robot it says I know I've got a good robot let me do it for the game that's just somebody who hates their job just and inside now okay so let's bring our cake out oh it's not a lie boys I mean it looks it doesn't smell great it smells like chocolate it looks like manure yeah it does okay but let us tell you exactly what's in this thing in the place of fish shaped solid waste we use cooked fish guts in our laces on fish shaped dirt we use regular dirt in the place of volatile malted milk impoundments we use milk powder for the cranial caps we use pork brains I don't like the consistency of this already Sean asked us before we came out here how nasty was gonna get he was like we're not gonna be like eating pork brains no pork brains are better in the place of fish shaped volatile organic compounds we use ghost chili truffle oh Christ it's also gonna be spicy we did not use ethylbenzene pay me let's play this isn't gonna kill us somewhere we're on a watch list already but there are candy coated peanut butter pieces in there yes yay sediment shaped sediment and you're all getting a roll y'all know a really big piece man I haven't had breakfast sorry this is good oh hey the cake is a lie it's not that the cake doesn't exist is that somebody in there he was trying to like warn us why it may exist but don't eat it yeah yes get that Dashon because it actually stood up sure that's okay see see those those delicate slices of brain you don't think about it I mean look here's the good news that looks like a car crash there is some chocolate in here and chocolate covers a world of hurt as we discovered on this show just for warning now how's your gag reflex it's it's um well practiced okay we have our own buckets okay oh we do okay because my gag reflex is the worst in existence is that yours oh yeah oh they love it here give him the money shot okay so I think I'm just gonna eat a bite and then bite this red thing just the thought of it is gonna make me gag already there's no reason to dig this because well we might lose it so eating a mean or okay we will dig it it DANC cross-contamination it's good for a good kitchen oh my gosh oh you're early that's horrible it's very dirt a lot of dirt bottoms up oh man that's what I kind of like it dirt chocolate covers the portrait whoo some hotness happen oh yeah I started take this woman thank you guys for having me on Oh Josh your genius book it's that way buddy you're gonna celebrate with me but oh you were just very scared I thought projectiles were happening yeah I did make that noise didn't I we did it guys you did it I mean yes we did it guys yeah collectively we did it yes all right next up from Zelda breath of the wild we have dubious food okay so cooking and either of you ever played breath of the wild I have watched my son play it okay and I don't cook in IRL okay so this is perfect in real life just in case you didn't know what I meant kids at home so cooking is a huge part of breath of the wild you you cook to get your health back you cook to boost your stats and things like that and there's thousands of different things that you can cook with it make very healthy meals for yourself but if you mix in monster parts into your food you ate you end up making what they call dubious food dubious food is not great for you it's not the best for you you don't really want to be making dubious food that's the sign of a bad chef you know what we should do we should make dubious yes okay we have chosen the recipe hearty meat stew good for winter yes listen ingredients ago and go ahead and I'll call them in here raw bird drumstick or raw meat there it is hello Salmonella Oh fresh milk if you follow along feel free to pause as you add your own ingredients goat butter like demented applesauce to bantha wheat oh yeah of course I've got two bantha wheat wheat from a band where did you get that inside a big cauldron over an open flame but it's not dubious yet now if not we got to get some monster parts you got to get some monster parts and the easiest monster to get parts from is a becau Berlin epic hablen wild guess but I bet this is a Picabo sure let's go with that okay so to get the guts out of them all you have to do is kill Oh God okay let me help here is this how it goes in the game you just start reaching into it I don't think it's this gruesome hook what is that that's a gut that's good are you okay okay okay okay grab another one reach in there and grab some more Oh oh my gosh that's good that's good stuff oh that's good oh it smells gross look obvious these are actually real guts because we made in purple we could have made this anything but we're still using real guts so they didn't have to be real but they are real guts okay gather round guys and of course now we just gotta let it cook it's done boo wanna smell strong yeah that's that's beefy stinks horribly just look at that those guts really what is that well that's tested okay I'm going to get you a ninja God section that one can be links oh there's a nice little just go ahead and prepare three that one has like a hairy texture to it yeah it looks like you're gonna love it it's like you're literally digging around inside a real person okay boys you got three spoonfuls I'm starting to realize why they blur it in the game yeah like I wish this were blurred oh my god some pixel a dude I'm gonna serve you guys huge bite we worked so hard on this too you have to really sample it this this is going out as soon as it's going in just try just come in three two one something about this do is those tad bit dubious just like mama used to make I made one tip they can still smell it in my intestines no I am an intestine oh I don't want to be inside of another intestine Shan you did amazing man we're so glad to have you I'm you'll never come back but are you talking about this is just a fun Friday night make sure to check out Shawn's channel jacksepticeye for more video game content less retching thanks for liking commenting and subscribing so you saw what time you know what time it is hi I'm Ben I'm Chris and we're on our honeymoon in Ireland and we just did the Bali cotton cliff walk and it's time to spin the wheel of mythicality the Bali cotton what what are the chances Irish everybody's done it click the top link to watch us play over cooked to a mythical more to find out where the wheel of mythicality is gonna land defeat the hair of defeat with our mythical pomade available at mythical dot store