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Giving the gift of Parkour to refugees in Athens 🇬🇷
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Souzy Tros is a community space owned by Maria Papadimitriou. Maria partnered with Free Movement Skateboarding and Endboss Projects in 2018 to build the skatepark which now hosts their skateboarding workshops.

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STORROR is a collective of seven elite athletes with big individual characters who were drawn together by a shared innate passion for movement and love of adventure. After growing up together and developing their skills for over a decade, the boys have built the most iconic brand in Parkour with an enthusiastic following to match.


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This video features Parkour performed either by professionals or under the supervision of professionals. All members of team STORROR have been training for 12+ years and insist that no one attempt to re-create or re-enact any ROOFTOP activities performed in this video.

so first nightstand in Athens we've been told this area is kind of crazy display school exact you just sitting sitting out on our balcony so many people in vanity people just walk in passing yeah it's just like everyday happens but this place is so army this week we are in Athens in Greece we're here for a project that would be monastic for a long time actually we originally had the idea after doing our favela video in Brazil with the whole migrant crisis in Europe we really wanted to see if we could meet some refugees and teach them parkour so here's something you don't need any money to be able to do so we linked up with the help refugees which is the charity who do loads of projects down here and all around the world actually we've set up to basically do some coaching today and tomorrow teach them a little bit about what we do [Applause] my name is Brea I work with help refugees I'm the field manager in Greece and how refugees are a grassroots funding organization from the UK it was started by a group of friends who wanted to raise the money for people in the carrier of G camp in the jungle and after being there for his they started funding in groups in Greece most of our funding goes into priests at the minute and there are so sixty-five thousand refugees living in Greece or more arriving every day I remember your email and then we go out of Union and there were many many emails that's right yeah yes so we're on our way right now to introduce a load of West African East African regularly women parkour movie a first for us it's gonna be interesting he's so interesting to see like what they think how easily they pick it up it's very different to what it was two years ago when we saw thousands and thousands of people would constantly arriving to the shores of the islands people are still fleeing their countries but once they're getting to waste because the borders are closed they can't go anywhere so you just have people stuck in a system that is very slow can be very very difficult I'm not feeling good integration has become one of the biggest challenges warm up recently we're now moving on to a very fundamental part training book placement demonstration by Colin Powell the precision professor stop nice we've been doing parkour for so long we have lost all gauge of what's hard and what's easy so like he's so funny for us to cover these kind of sessions she just did it straightaway she's in like an aerobics and dance teacher back in Iran so she's got natural like girls that it's so sexy yeah so parkour fundamentals so far we have foot placement jumps balancing landings and now moving on to bolts orange house is run by an amazing woman called marina and have one Hassim they are a safe shelter for women and also a community center they've been going for about two years now yesterday you said some of the women to do some parkour and none of them ever done it before and they were amazing they have such inside big up to these ladies for taking on parkour for the day respect to them smashed it you are going to a majority camp but around aliens ready path and three of the skateboarding are a group of really really lovely people they teach skateboarding to children and adolescents and today you're going to be working with them and see to talk to some of the kids from a learner's team art makes the dream just rearranging the furniture so we get a few more obstacles to play with so we are free movement skateboarding we bought this about a year ago and now we've kind of like transformed ed with the skatepark we basically use this space to get the kids out of the camp basically just to teach some skateboarding but show them the big one is very used after so you go out and explore her surroundings a different way okay we're playing a sick game of the floor is lava right now kids are actually amazing already at parkour which this is incredible they're a bit like timid a person now they're just like yeah that's like a natural talent so sure that's so soon they'll just like try once or twice I schedule it and then decide get used to it and then just do it like so quickly it's crazy it's no fun to work it's so cool to see the kids just take to movement light it's just a natural thing it this age is so normal for them to beat up running and jumping around that's a good one [Applause] I'm getting drained by this move Wow Bosch thanks for watching the video guys that was our time in Athens if you liked it thumbs up comment where you think we should do something like this again we're gonna do some new this week every year item of clothing bought on the store ah saw 50% of that is going to go to the help refugee charity that you saw in this video yet also make thanks to Freya help refugees for helping sorting this out also everybody out free movement skateboarding if you want to support the projects that we're working with this week by choosing our t-shirts on a sauce or you can just google help for refugees and donate there or like Max says for the next 24 hours fifty percent of profits from the store a store all going to go to help refugees check them out and follow what they're doing it's all in the description below