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Director: Gordon Crum
Writers: Michael Shear, Samantha Shear
Stars: Sean Astin, Matthew Lillard, Naya Rivera, Drake Bell

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Christmas handy how is this slavery pair coming I understand the light from your guy's nose is really bright but that's no reason to send up a slave without working headlights I'm sure you'll have it fixed by Christmas Eve Oh looking good my coat how's the weather up there in a word frightful oh then you'd better get inside by the fire oh sorry about that oh this is quite a sight my friends I think you've outdone yourself this year just trying to spend hoping gladness flower and wide and I would expect nothing less I'm heading to the toy shop how is the nice list coming almost done just checking it twice sir good good right on schedule as always the list is quite long this year it's more work for us but I'll take it absolutely father we have four days until Christmas there's still plenty of time for children to go on the naughty list we've instituted a real-time system that tracks report cards bedtimes and tantrums as they happen I am proud to say a Christmas 2.0 is online of course of course and tinsel remember in its Fritz myth so try to have a little fun Tinsel's Christmas to-do list item 7 8 6 / Santa have fun estimated completion sometime around Easter we are doomed Santa who is on packing detail cocoa break is not for another 15 minutes are you no fair you snuck up behind me that's just good military strategy military strategy where elves the closest thing we have to military strategy is hanging out with the Salvation Army ringing bells and asking for change huh a cannon oh come on I thought we said only what you could build from the leftover Christmas toy parts these are leftover Christmas toy parts or at least they will be because I used them before the toy makers can use them and since the toy makers didn't use them technically they're leftover [Applause] see this is why it's no fun to play with you you always bend the rules you're just mad cuz I always win are you sure we should even be out here they're still loading the sleighs it's fine we finished our quota so I think we're done but an else duty is never done tell there's a gift for everyone thank you for the lesson in being a Christmas elf can we play now yes seriously you are the only elf that's allergic to Christmas it's all the candy canes worst elf ever take that back not gonna happen [Applause] don't worry the tree will be fine see everything is what have you done Shh get down someone might see you me what about you don't look at me I didn't throw the snowball you weren't being such a cheer will you be quiet no one is gonna know that it was us okay let's see Anna knows everything that's just a story elf parents tell their kids to make them behave we just waited until the coast is clear and then quietly sneak back to the toy shop we act like nothing happened oh what's up tinsel snowflake and winter hmm Santa's office why am I here you're the one who destroy the tree you hadn't attract me to ditching work I wasn't ditching no you were just constructing a dangerous snow cannon in toilet parts that were maybe but not definitely but probably stolen you are the reason coal was invented at least I don't whine every time I lose it's not winning if you cheat it must be so hard to have a girl's name snowflake name Santa will be with you in 78 point four five zero eight one two seconds see you guys destroyed the tree nice one and I thought I was in trouble technically he broke it so what about you well allegedly I was involved in an incident at slay practice okay let's start off easy just following the bells the jingle bells are so annoying come on wouldn't this be more fun with a little music I mean we are just flying through the air staring at other people's steady as she goes everyone working together watch heads up steep Bank right and we're [Applause] my bad all right marshmallows now the three of you really stirred things up today don't worry I'm not going to sit here and lecture you I know you all know what you've done technically I didn't do anything it was snowflake who destroyed the tree and gravity snowflake and gravity are who you should be talking to it was your idea well it's the first I've heard of this and frankly I am shocked oh you aren't here for the tree we're not they're not no well yes a little the tree is a very important part of our Christmas celebration Sparkle you may have made it so that Blitzen cannot fly on Christmas Eve but again that is why we have training so your reindeer learn to fly accidents happen no you are here because you continue to violate the most important rule of Christmas measure twice wrap once don't run over grandpa don't eat yellow snow no the rule of the North Pole is that you put your own happiness before the happiness of the other boys and girls in the world there is a time and a place for yourselves but the week before Christmas is a time to think of others I am afraid you are all on the naughty list looks like snowflake and winter are on the naughty list hey mom your sons are on the naughty list it's not like I was going to be lead reindeer anyway tinsel can you come in here please yes sir I think snowflake winter and Sparkle are ready to help with some of those less exciting chores around the North Pole now Santa we could go through the process of doing a lot of menial dirty boring chores and that would certainly teach us a lesson here's my counteroffer you let us go and you keep us on the nice list teaching everybody the valuable lesson of forgiving and forgetting tis the season am i right I'm Santa Claus I know what season it is tinsel you are in charge here's a list of tasks they will complete merry Christmas to all and to all oh oh good afternoon tomorrow morning at 6 a.m. and don't try to say you overslept do you know how Santa knows have you been sleeping he asks me good morning I didn't even know people got up at this hour I'm not sure you can even consider this morning now we have a lot of things to do and there is the time to do them so kinda volunteer let's get to it no time to lose hey there you want to share a hot chocolate winter to work how much soap should we use all of it wait let me calculate I think that perhaps we should find some chores out sound of the main square hopefully you can cause less trouble elsewhere it's so city everyone keep up we are almost there tinsel where are we going I can't believe I'm saying this but can we go back to cleaning the bathroom you don't like the grit and grime do you no sir nobody does but the North Pole isn't all cheer and goodwill you don't mean this is where it can't be that's right these are the minds of misery or Santa gets the cold the kids on the naughty list it can't be it's impossible how miserable and you are going inside can I ask a question ask away has Santa ever considered shifting towards renewable fuels who coal is pretty dirty you are seriously making sure we stay on the naughty list forever ruined this has gone too far we're right to you know I want to sit down with the big boss yeah she has a point if you insist our fortune breed since the Santa I just hope he understands don't worry about that sound it's just a new friend coming to say hello wait he's the elf that switched the naughty and nice list yep many Christmases ago Merkel was just like all the other elves his work of course was never done till there was a toy for everyone but unlike other elves knuckled didn't enjoy his work eventually Merkel started making toys in his own way actually I kind of did everything in his own way he sang in his own way he decorated in his own way and he didn't really care what others thought so Santa sat merkel down one night and said merkel could you possibly try to be a little bit nicer and I don't know maybe get some Christmas spirit was the last straw good night everyone sleep well it was a disaster all the kids on the nice list got coal in their stockings and all of the kids on the naughty list got the toys it was the Mun happiest Christmas ever some say he marched to the beat of a different drummer boy others say he was just born I'm not going to end up like him he was a bad elf who ruined Christmas and and they gave him a bunch of chances to make up for it but but he kept messing up relax coal flake I'll get us out of this that's what I'm worried about next up cleaning and oiling the assembly line the whole thing the whole thing from top to bottom by the time the elves get done having breakfast well I don't have thumbs so I guess I'll sit this one out I'm sure you will figure it out besides you can fly up to all those hard-to-reach places oil is going to ruin my fur sucked in my vocal cords career ruined oh this is gonna take forever where are you going chill I have an idea tinsel said to do this by hand I am doing it by hand also by foot two for one you're always cutting corners you're just jealous cuz it's gonna work hey Sparkle what do you think should we try to have a little fun while we work yes that is music to my ears [Applause] and that is how it's done cupcake snowflake whatever little help are you okay those can be hard to open I don't know if we should once we open the box he loses half its value ha ha now open it Oh hold still I'll get some scissors we have to get you out and fix the machine before before what the good news is that I've been inside that machine I can attest that there's no speck of dirt in there now I want you to listen very closely to Framboise weight sparker follow directions snowflake don't follow your brother and winter follow the rules and don't cut corners yes tinsel Wolsey food mark my words this is nerve teenie Athens tried to ruin my culinary reputation all of these cookies look exactly the same boring okay five cups of sugar 5 cups surprise we all still have teeth this really isn't healthy seriously let's just do what he says keep our heads down I didn't even do anything but you will I'm just trying to prevent it relax see following directions happy yes why do all these cookies have to be the same and what's wrong with being different I mean that's what makes me happy this is horrifying this is a travesty if this people to seize me to Paris let's give these cookies some edge what are you doing being original she's right I mean the only way to get off the naughty list is to do something spectacular to impress others make this the best Christmas ever make others feel good and that begins with less sugar and healthier foods I read that in the South Pole the hot diet is algae cleanses oh it sounds disgusting how is healthier food gonna make the other elves happy a healthy elf is a happy of and a happy of does a better job of making and delivering presents even if you would rather eat candy canes all day Christmas isn't about a snowflake I guess if I'm gonna be on the naughty list for the rest of my life I better go out with a bang okay well it's very um colorful and you didn't burn down the kitchen so good job I guess why do you think we got called in here did you see the expressions on their face last night at dinner we are so off the naughty list I think the word you were looking for is shock that's the expression I saw my pink and purple cupcakes really took it over the top does it seem quiet to you yeah now that you mention it this is no laughing matter almost every single elf and reindeer has food poisoning from last night's dinner I never want to see you in my kitchen again no I am in a position to have to do the last thing I want to do where that nurse outfit quiet quiet because you're at the assembly line we are behind on Christmas toys we have no elves to build them not to mention we also have sick reindeer which means no one to guide Santa's sleigh and you had all better hope that Santa gets better by Christmas Eve against every single elven and robot instinct I have I now need you the three naughtiest kids in the North Pole to help save Christmas Sparkle you need to get a team ready to drive the sleigh wintered snowflake you need to make and wrap all the leading tours you have exactly 24 hours let me down please we know work together and don't cut corners so does this mean we're off the naughty list oh right sorry thank you for the opportunity okay so we have to make race cars space laser for video games and princess dolls I'll do the race cars in the video game you do the princess dolls no wait I'm sorry but your name is snowflake how is winter any different than snowflake winter is strong and powerful huge storms and bitter cold snowflakes are tiny things do you catch with your tongue lots of boy elves have names like snowflake name one jingle no clothes nope fruits even close all right Sparkle your turn to shine first more glitter you can never have too much glitter cedar nope hiding close listen you wish done tinsel maybe tinsel but he's a robot it doesn't count regardless the princess dolls and their dresses and all the really really adorable bows are over there get to work time for reindeer training people okay I can work with this fellow reindeer Oh and moose santa needs our help your help seriously isn't this whole handmade toy thing outdated elves have been handcrafting toys since forever this is how these have always been done we only have a few hours before deliveries begin if we do it how it's always been done you won't get done let's use the assembly line what takes dozens of elves to work the assembly line you can't do it yourself I know that's why I need your help tinsel said not to cut corners tinsel said to work together you don't have to yell I do this because you're my brother and sometimes that's what brothers do so will you help me out with this machine or not remember tencel said to work together you know it's amazing how you want to work together all of a sudden since I happen to know how to work this machine okay I'll help know that one goes on your left no it goes on the right oh for goodness sakes Claude you don't even know what day it is this the middle of winter it's just one long night oh nice excuse at least I can see what's in front of me I think I can see just fine mister there is a very nice reindeer in front of me that's no reindeer dear that's a moose come on just like tinsel said follow the directions now that those are taken care of I guess I can just work on space lasers for are you sure you can handle this of course I'll just turn up the speed a little bit sounds dangerous danger is my middle name twinkle is your middle name hoping you and Mom know that besides we don't pick up the pace we'll never finish in time let me do space lasers for I got an A in Professor mistletoes class on video and board games as I recall you got an incomplete in my defense I wasn't playing Angry Birds for fun it was research every day all semester I got caught let's work together on this one there's still a lot of wrapping to be done great you do the wrapping I play with lasers and look super shiny wrapping paper you'll love it for the record I love super shiny wrapping paper it's a lot of fun you're doing great ok is everyone ready let's go okay now let's turn 45 degrees [Applause] is everyone okay the girl clearly said 45 degrees you completely throw us off rhythm according to you when I was a sleigh reindeer I know I know you used to be on Santa's sleigh 60 years ago and you don't let anyone forget it you're like a broken record that's it oh we can make these Fingal bells Rock be right back space lasers for construction difficulty extremely difficult danger level high recommend extreme caution and protective eyewear harder than it looks huh I got it this is easy just be extremely cautious and cover my ass yeah so tired whoo-wee almost done nice work bro what are you doing you're supposed to be working on the space laser game take a look at the future my friend no more of this toy building 364 days a year my new system we elves get to play please tell me that's not a laser I told you not to cut corners I told you to listen to me but you never listen to me I always listened to you which is why we are always in trouble and will be on the naughty list for the rest of our lives I'm sorry I should have listened to you and let you do the lasers and you're right I'm always getting us in trouble so what do I do now good are you asking me for help no maybe will you listen to what I say I can't hear you yes yes yes I will listen to you okay let's fix this but you'll have to do it my way you got it first put this on wrapping paper it's reflective it'll repel the lasers there's a kill switch above the main control we'll have to get to that we'll only have one shot so I'll climb up there don't really yeah I know an outfit the girl's name can't do it I wasn't gonna say that I know you can do it I just don't want you to do it alone let's work together could be worse at least we finished the toys if I'm gonna spend the rest of my life on the naughty list at least I get to spend it with you and probably Sparkle now that I can hear you know the pink so much better than the red no I can really see that you blew it Rudolph oh it was so long ago he was a lot like you how real leader let's go let's get these on the sleigh hey I couldn't have done it without you Thanks it's Christmas Eve let's go here you go Santa all the toys are ready a mighty good job I'm sorry about the tree it was my fault the most fun part about the tree is decorating it this year we got to do that twice no we just need a sleigh come on sparkle where are you what's that sound jingle bells it's not just jingle bells it's a little catch here it has a very steady beat it could be good for flying I guess I really like that sound there's a real kick to it it's your servicer I always thought a little pink would go well with all this red is that a moose let's go we have some toys to deliver everyone ready wait Santa one more thing Oh naughty in the nice list I almost forgot are they all updated absolutely sir then we are ready to go type your gun boys and you tinsel is on the nice list one way to find out it's hard and lumpy I can't look it's okay bro it doesn't matter what list were on or what's in our stocking we made Christmas happen this year I couldn't have done it without you and I couldn't have done it without either of you not only did she guide the Christmas but she also is a very talented musician let's welcome Sparkle and the Christmas bells [Applause] I've been called wicked but of mr. drew the beginning this year my priorities we Sanna